SouthPeak, Destineer get Unreal Engine 3

Up-and-coming publisher expands license to Epic Games tech; Close Combat: First to Fight studio signs on for unannounced game.


Despite the ongoing legal fight between Epic Games and Silicon Knights over the former's licensor support for Unreal Engine 3, it appears that developers aren't shy about signing on to make games that use the technology behind Gears of War. Destineer Studios announced its license to use UE3 this week, and today SouthPeak Interactive confirmed its new studio license for the engine.

The SouthPeak studio license covers PC and console games on all major platforms for the life of the engine, and will be put to use for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Monster Madness EX. Destineer's license is for a yet-to-be-announced project.

The two companies' approaches to using the engine share some similarities. Destineer president Peter Tamte said in a statement that, "We are using the Unreal Engine to make a game for a genre in which you would not expect to see it." SouthPeak's first UE3-powered game was Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia, which was singled out by Epic's Cliff Bleszinski at this year's Game Developers Conference as evidence that the tech could be used for more than just "first-person shooters with a lot of metal and stone."

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