South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed, As Ubisoft Teases "Very Strong" Nintendo Switch Games

Pushed back again.

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Watch Dogs 2

[UPDATE] During an earnings call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot teased some of the company's upcoming Nintendo Switch games. It will release Just Dance 2017 as a launch title for the system, and will release multiple other games for the system in 2017 that will be "very strong for the machine."

Guillemot added during the call that Ubisoft won't release as many new IP going forward and will instead focus on growing its existing brands.

The executive added that the upcoming movie based on The Division is "well on the way," though it does not yet have a greenlight. The first part of the script is being written now.

The original story is below.

As part of its newest earnings report today, Ubisoft announced that South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed again. Previously set to come out in Q1 2017 (January-March, 2017), it is now slated to arrive sometime during Ubisoft's fiscal 2017-2018, which translates to April 2017-March 2018.

Ubisoft did not provide any explanation for why it delayed The Fractured But Whole. The game was originally set to come out in December 2016, but in September of that year, Ubisoft announced the delay to 2017 to "make sure the game experience meets the high expectations of fans."

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Also in Ubisoft's earnings report, the publisher acknowledged again that Watch Dogs 2's launch was "not as dynamic as expected." The company added that "momentum [is] now positive" for the open-world game. In other news, the publisher said the extreme sports game Steep enjoyed "slightly higher-than-expected performance." In both cases, Ubisoft did not share any specific numbers.

As for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft said the team-based shooter reached its highest-ever figure for daily players, while The Division "engagement" jumped by 150 percent.

In terms of business performance, Ubisoft's sales amounted to €529.9 million ($564.8 million) for the quarter ended December 31, which is down 5.7 percent from the €561.8 million ($598.8 million) that it recorded a year ago.

In part because of The Fractured But Whole's delay, Ubisoft revised its full-year sales forecast downward. The company is now expected full-year sales to be between €1.45 billion ($1.54 billion) and €1.5 billion ($1.59 billion), compared to the previously announced range of €1.6 billion ($1.7 billion) and €1.67 billion ($1.78 billion).

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    Avatar image for gareth

    why do you insist on using a currency hardly anyone who speaks English is going to use you might as well put it in yen when converting the price into euro for English speakers

    Avatar image for peterhorner1867

    Fractured and still not whole

    Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

    Whobewhatnow? South park the games dead now. Have no clue why you people buy whobewhatnow.

    Rather not know.

    Avatar image for VeiNpl

    How can you delay a game for a whole YEAR that was scheduled to come out in TWO months time. Was Ubisoft blind or stupid ? Things like this are visible at least 6 months before release.

    Avatar image for mattji104

    Wow South Park would be so awesome to take on the go. Definitely delayed for simultaneously Switch release confirmed.

    Avatar image for skrilla99

    I'm good with it. I'm playing Nioh now and will be buying Horizon, Zelda, Mass Effect so I'll be hooked up for months.

    I'm also playing Stick of Truth for the first time and it's pretty good too.

    Avatar image for doctor_mg


    Zelda on the Wii U or Switch?

    Avatar image for frank_castle

    Just another reason to hate Ubisoft and the Switch

    Avatar image for doctor_mg


    Why hate the Switch? Because Ubisoft will release games for it?

    Avatar image for frank_castle

    @doctor_mg: Because Nintendo, once again, is putting out a minuscule amount of the damn things at launch and there's essentially nothing besides Breath of the Wild to play for it for the first 9-10 months.

    Avatar image for doctor_mg


    Maybe that is your opinion, but I see quite a few pretty high profile releases that I know I will be buying in the first 9 months aside from Zelda; like Arms, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade 2, and Super Mario Odyssey.

    I'm sure they have a few surprise announcements for E3 too to help fill the rest out.

    Avatar image for dimetro7

    @doctor_mg: totally agree with you. I think they are making a good move with a delay so this title isn't drowned out by this huge influx of great games we are having. It's not to say fractured, but whole won't be great, I'm sure it will be, but might as well give it the best chance to succeed. I mean people only have so much money and time to spend on games.

    I can't wait to see what Ubisoft has in store for the switch. I have faith in both Ubisoft and Nintendo and I think we are seeing something that could be special.

    Avatar image for jinzo9988

    And they'll be new games, right? Zombi U wasn't the most brilliant game in the world but at least it was a new game and thus it had a chance to sell. Watch Dogs on the Wii U did not have a chance in hell. In direct contradiction to what I just said, I hope they port Rayman Legends and Origins over. Once again, the Switch is a little different in that it can go portable, and games like Rayman Legends and Origins would work well as portable games. I don't really want to play games like that on a PC as I'm interested in other games on the PC.

    Avatar image for Quique85

    @jinzo9988: I have Rayman Legends on ps3 and vita and I played both 100% amazing games portable and on screen though I preferred the ps3 edition. didn't like the touch features that much still they should make a new one instead of a port... deff would buy it on the switch

    Avatar image for daleksec1977

    They need more time for graphics downgrades

    Avatar image for merwanor

    The only game from Ubisoft that I am excited by. Good thing it is pushed back though as I would choose ME Andromeda over this in March. Though I hope it is not pushed back too much.

    Avatar image for edwardnygma

    "Guillemot added during the call that Ubisoft won't release as many new IP going forward and will instead focus on growing its existing brands".

    This pretty much explains why Ubisoft is being taken over slowly.

    Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

    Give us GRAW 3!!!

    Avatar image for dimetro7

    @PSYCHOV3N0M: and Vegas 3!!!

    Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

    @dimetro7: Are Vegas 1 and 2 really THAT much worth playing???

    Avatar image for dimetro7

    @PSYCHOV3N0M: to be honest it's been a really long time, but from what I remember they were great. I played it co op with my brother and it was a blast. Granted I'm sure the multiplayer support is probably gone now but man it was fun. I don't think you would be disappointed especially considering you can get them on steam during a sale for like 3 bucks

    Avatar image for FallenOneX

    DAMN!!! This almost had me hoping there was a chance the SP game could come to the Switch. I wonder how long it would actually take to port to the Switch if it were possible.

    Avatar image for isariamkia

    @FallenOneX: What is it ? You made me curious !

    Edit : Never mind... I'm a bit tired, it's Friday afternoon after all ><

    Avatar image for batmanspizza14

    @FallenOneX: I doubt nintendo would even allow it because of the mature content. and was the a microaggresion? AARRGG

    Avatar image for spike6958

    @batmanspizza14: Nintendo allows M rated games on there systems, they've even published some. The idea that Nintendo won't allow games on there system because of it's rating is a myth born of the fact they don't focus on them like other systems.

    Avatar image for FallenOneX

    @sellingthings: I remember those times as well, but many gamers now aren't referencing the past, they're saying that's the way it is now.

    Avatar image for deactivated-58bd60b980002

    As long as the level cap is higher this time ...

    Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

    I'm ok with this. Stick of Truth was delayed a lot and in the end, We got a fantastic game. I trust in Trey and Matt and I know they'll give us an amazing experience with Fracture But Whole

    Avatar image for FLEEBS

    Seriously, what a sorrowfully missed opportunity.

    The sub headline should have been:

    "Prairie doggin'."

    Avatar image for twilightangel

    I would be shocked if this South Park game made it on the Switch.

    Avatar image for xantufrog

    Dammit, I'm really looking forward to this game...

    Avatar image for fanboyman

    When I saw the "Switch update" I thought OMG is South Park coming!!? News of a portable South Park game would make this delay a lot easier, I will have other games to play in March, still my opinion is Fractured but Hurt.

    Avatar image for lembu90

    Already seen this miles away. SoT was delayed several times before.

    Avatar image for mirage_so3

    Stick of Truth was delayed for freakin forever as well. I am not surprised.

    Avatar image for lordstrategery

    @sellingthings: I think their silence is more entertaining when people like yourself go insane over it. Like you wouldn't trigger yourself if they gave more information.

    Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

    The fractured butt hole

    Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

    @Flyin3lvl: Congratulations, you just got a joke from June 2015.

    Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

    @bbq_R0ADK1LL: yep indeed I did

    Avatar image for cboye18

    "Guillemot added during the call that Ubisoft won't release as many new IP going forward and will instead focus on growing its existing brands". Very poor choice IMO.

    The Far Cry and Assassin's Creed franchises have been milked to death and have lost steam; Watch_Dogs, The Division, Steep are average games at best. Most of their Tom Clancy franchises (except for maybe RS:Siege) have been streamlined for the masses and lost their identities for being pure tactical games, therefore downgrading the quality and reputation they used to have.

    They're going to need more new IP's in order to compensate for the underwhelming lineup they've created as of late. It's difficult to expect any meaningful improvement from them, however, as they can't seem to get enough of copy/pasting the same gameplay formula across all their games.

    For their sake For Honor better be good, though that game also seems to be a one-trick pony (combat looks great, though complaints with lacking creative map design and multiplayer modes give me the impression for it being another cookie-cutter Ubisoft game by not innovating enough with gameplay mechanics).

    Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

    @cboye18: I WANT GRAW 3!!!

    Avatar image for Itzsfo0

    @cboye18: everything you said is opinion, im waiting for another far cry - to each their own. and honestly with AC titles and Far Cry...theres been enough of them to be GOOD enough for Ubisoft to sit back on its laurels like....ahhh...and as for streamlined for the if...thats a bad thing (only to some cynical so-called hardcore gamer would this be rendered as a bad thing) I know what your saying - your not right or wrong, just opinion...what IS good and what is played out, lost its steam comes down to individual taste, say despite the negativity (and cynicism modern game gamers are famous for - which is why I just ignore comments/social media 99.9% of the time) but anyway say Wildlands does well, actually has some content - and/or gains some in a period of time - is more then fine for me...too much emphasis on "cookie cutter vs innovation" I dont need innovation w/ every OTHER title from 1 dev, theres other devs out there that may be doing groundbreaking work, or future groundbreaking work, if I get a Far Cry 5, 1-2 more decent AC titles, a new IP (like For Honor) and it does well, then uhm...whats the complaint, I want to explore MORE of what Far Cry 3 & 4 offered....I dont care if its a new map, somewhat copy n pasted, I am not naive to the fact, just dont care...I never buy a game day 1 anyway (always buy them pre-owned, at a reduced price months/years after release) so THEN (when I get the game its in "full" or "complete" edition at $25.99) ...I cant really complain about 2, 3, 4, 5 Far Cry games being "too similar" for the price, and time invested that I n gun, and conquer buildings...thats all I want in a game...I dont need it to be so wholely different, give me a sprawling map, dotted locations & things to do...some sort of (atleast halfway interested lore) some decent combat & exploration tactics and some sort of skill-tree to further incentive of playing past 30-40 hours, and maybe a decent soundtrack...and I am in...its a game, this is a hobby, maybe I am just more lamens and look at things much more simpler...after 30 years of gaming, if it runs well, jumps well, (DOOT< DOOT< DOOT, bloop< DOOT, DOOT, DOOT, BLOOP) and has a decent soundtrack, some fun factor, and (with everything being open world nowadays) I'm more for it, and easy to please...if that makes any sense, and besides, if this upcoming Tom Clancy title does bad, or is a flop (or the general gaming populous disapproves) I'll make my own educated opinion on whether I like it...or not....and if I dont, oh well plenty of other titles out there (esp upcoming like Zelda...which almost never fails to excite & please me) but thats me...I hope (and agree as well) that For Honor is good...time shall tell, but if not, theres plenty else to look forward to. And when you speak of "underwhelming lineup/content as of late" lets also remember, that every few years they put out a new game...even IF its from a well-trodded territory of a well known franchise, 2011, 2013, 2015/2016, I mean what else do you expect...just in the past 5 years, 3 games....what do you want them to do, start pumping out a new game every 16 months...get half-assed releases, broken day 1 - and new IP's to fall into the dumps.. ? p a t i e n c e.....and besides you (like most gamers) i assume have plenty back-log of games to play, or upcoming games to be excited for.

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