South Park: Save Kenny E3 2005 Hands-On Report

We play this <i>South Park</i>-themed game at E3 2005.


We got the chance to play South Park: Save Kenny, a series of minigames set in the South Park universe. Unlike the television show's standard treatment of Kenny, the objective of the game is to prevent him from meeting harm by completing some necessary day-to-day tasks and various other activities that are not likely to endanger him. The story focuses around the character Kenny only, although there are a few cameos from other familiar characters from the television show, like Death, from whose clutches you must save Kenny in one of the minigames.

There is some exposition of the South Park gameworld, although the environment mainly serves as a way to get between the different games. As you navigate Kenny through the world, you'll encounter certain areas that have associated games attached. For example, when Kenny needs to use the bathroom, that means you must complete the bathroom game, which involves maneuvering his urine stream so that it's always mostly going into the toilet. All the minigames maintain an element of South Park (the TV show) humor in this way, even if your objective to keep Kenny alive is not something you would necessarily see in the show.

You can walk around a bit, although this is only because it's more interesting than selecting between minigames. There are four games inside Kenny's house, and the rest are littered throughout the neighborhood outside. If you fail a minigame, you're unable to go back in to try it again right away, so there's a type of role-playing aspect in this respect.

This game is going to Europe in the fall, but it doesn't currently have a release date for the US. However, we'll keep you informed if this changes.

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