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South Korea's shutdown law under fire

Korean game companies like NCsoft and Neowiz are leading the charge against the country's Shutdown Law.


Parents and game companies are starting to throw lawsuits at the South Korean government concerning the country's Shutdown Law. The law prohibits minors under 16 from playing games for six hours starting at 12 midnight in an effort to use their time more productively.

According to Korean site This Is Game (via Kotaku), game makers that have currently thrown down the gauntlet are NCsoft, Neowiz, and Nexon.

The publishers of Aion aren't that gung-ho about the Shutdown Law.
The publishers of Aion aren't that gung-ho about the Shutdown Law.

An unverified Korean parent and teenager organization representing culture (possibly the group MoonHwaYunDae) also filed for a lawsuit against the government. On a related note, South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said that the law is the "bare minimum" required to protect teenagers from managing their time badly and making unsound decisions based on their upbringing.

Recently, the PSN Store in Korea was affected by the law.

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