Sound Byte Radio Episode 7: Dragon's Dogma, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lords of Thunder

We're going all-out loud with ballads, metal, and whimsy for this week's video game music podcast episode.


Greetings, video game music aficionados! If you're up for a bit of inspiration, then this week we have quite a selection for your ears. Regardless of whether you fancy an escalating fantasy ballad, or could do with some head-banging metal from the '90s using Redbook Audio, we've covered all the thumping bases for our latest video game music playlist.

Like what you hear? Download the full podcast now, and tells us what you think about this week's playlist in the comments section below. Tune in again in two weeks for the next episode.

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Music from today's show:

Dragon's Dogma OST

Song: Eternal Return – Main Theme to Dragon's Dogma
Composer: Rei Kondoh, Tadayoshi Makino
Performer: Aubrey Ashburn, Sofia Film Orchestra
Buy from CD Japan.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Original Soundtrack

Song: Museum Bust
Composer: Greg Edmonson
Buy from Amazon.

Lost Odyssey Original Soundtrack

Song: Neverending Journey
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Buy from CD Universe.

Lords of Thunder

Song: Bosque
Composer: T-Music

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Song: Cloud Garden
Composer:Mahito Yokota
Buy from Amazon.

Jonathan Coulton: Best. Concert. Ever.

Song:Still Alive
Composer:: Jonathan Coulton
Buy from Jonathan Coulton's website.

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