Sound Byte Radio Episode 6: Elder Scrolls IV, Persona 3, Darksiders II

We return from a season break to bring you video game music galore, featuring Celtic-influenced dirges, fantasy rock and some pop.


Salutations! After a short break and dealing with E3 2012, Sound Byte Radio is back with a vengeance.

For this episode of video game music goodness, we go from a rock-solid rendition of a Falcom game's overworld theme, to something more serene from the Elder Scrolls series and The Secret of Mana. Just to mix things up, we added in some modern era tunes and an acoustic guitar-heavy finale akin to the end credits theme for a Sergio Leone flick.

As ever, download the full podcast here. If you can detect the theme of this week's episode and if you like it, just send comments down below and give us your feedback. See you again in two week's time.

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Music from today's show:

Falcom vs jdk Band 2010 Summer

Song: Mother Earth Altago (from Ys Seven)
Composer: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Performer: jdk Band
Buy from Falcom Online Shop . Song is copyright© of Nihon Falcom Corporation.

Darksiders II

Song: Into Eternity
Composer: Jesper Kyd

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Song:King & Country
Composer: Jeremy Soule
Buy from DirectSong.


Song: Burn My Dread
Composer:Shoji Meguro, Taku Iwasaki
Performer: Yumi Kawamura
Buy from CD Japan.

Project Dolphin Arrange EP: High Energy Fusion Go!

Song: Mana Palace Medley
Composer:Hiroki Kikuta
Performer: Project Dolphin
Download from Project Dolphin's site.

Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack

Song: To The End of the Wilderness ~ To A New Journey
Composer: Michiko Naruke
Buy from Play Asia.

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Awesome track from Oblivion...

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Is there a way we can download all of the previous episodes? This stuff is amazing!

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@soniex Thanks! I will be putting the previous episodes on the main Sound Byte page. In the meantime, just get them via SoundCloud links below:

Stay tuned for a new episode every fortnight (next one's next week).

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I'm here just because of Persona

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thanks for this amazing podcast

and more Ys and Persona music PLEEEEASE :)

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Love the music from Persona games

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Wow, that Darksiders II track is great. Jesper Kyd is a god.

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Im a sucker for all things persona 3. Beautiful rendition. I got goosebumps when they played the initial guitar jingles.

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Sweet :D

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where does the intro music come from? i no i heard it before

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@silverskarm It's an arranged version of Ys Seven's first overworld theme "Mother Earth Altago".

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Good Mix of great music ;), Love the Persona Franchise, but the end with Wild Arms was Great Thanks, I really enjoyed the Wild Arms Franchise, Good Day to all Gamespot.

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Hell yes!

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@DanielL5583 yeahhhhhhhhh