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Sound Byte Radio Episode 3: Dark Void, Ketsui, Lost Odyssey

Synthesizers and guitar riffs clash on this week's episode as we check out arrangements from Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles, and Ketsui.

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Greetings and salutations, fellow music listeners of all ages and upbringing. We've now reached the third episode with some fine tracks from noteworthy albums. If this is your first time here, check out our first and second episodes here.

We are definitely trying our best to find different music genres to make the show more flavorful to the ears. With a concoction of electronica, guitar, and orchestra, we hope that the blend mixed pretty well to your ears. From a 2D shoot-'em-up from the makers of the term "bullet hell," to a medley of tracks from Hironobu Sakaguchi's early role-playing games from his company Mistwalker, we've got your audio cravings covered.

As ever, leave a comment or PM me with your two cents if you like/hate our selection for the week.

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Music From Today's Show:

Dark Void Original Soundtrack

Song: Theme of Dark Void
Composer: Bear McCreary
Buy at Sumthing Digital.

KE-TSU-I kizunajigokutachi [ARRANGE ALBUM]

Song: INTERCEPTION - Noisy Town Stage1 -
Arranger: Yasuhisa Watanabe
Buy at Play-Asia.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Original Soundtrack

Song: Gallant Battle/Desperate Fight - Guitar ver -
Arranger: Noriyuki Kamikura
Buy from iTunes.

Mighty Switch Force! Official Soundtrack

Song: Whoa I'm In Space Cuba (Bonus Chip Mix)
Composer: Jake "virt" Kaufman
Buy from Big Lion Music.

Symphonic Odyssey: Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu

Song: Lost Odyssey Suite (sample)
Performers: WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Buy from Maz-Sound.

Full Throttle Original Mini-Soundtrack

Song: Born Bad
Composers: The Gone Jackals

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