Sound Byte Radio Episode 12: The Rest of 2012's Finest Music

GameSpot's music podcast is back after a long break. This month, we feature the rest of 2012's game music absent from our previous video feature.


Hello again, fellow music fans, as we usher in the brand new year of 2013. After a two-month break from music-playing duties since our last episode, we are back in full force. First off, we will be doing this show monthly. Secondly, do tune in to our Sound Byte Twitter newsfeed (@gs_soundbyte) for updates related to video game music.

This week's episode is on video game music made in 2012. Yes, we did a pretty sweet video last year, but this show specifically lists the honorable mentions--those who did not make the cut but are still great in delivering a thorough experience to the games they're attached with.

With that said, let's rock:

Download the latest episode here. If you haven't checked out that sweet video on video game music of 2012, check it out here. Also, leave your comments and thoughts below. We'd love to hear them!

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Music For Today's Show

Starhawk Original Soundtrack

Song: Homeworld
Composer: Christopher Lennertz
Buy from iTunes.

FTL: Original Soundtrack

Song: Zoltan (Exploration)
Composer: Ben Prunty
Buy from Ben Prunty's Bandcamp page.

Asura's Wrath Original Soundtrack

Song: Trembling Heart (Ethnic Arrange)
Composer: Chikayo Fukuda
Buy from Play-Asia.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown OST

Song: Resilience of Man/ Vigilo Confido
Composer: Michael McCann
Buy from official website.

Retro City Rampage

Song: Retro City Rampage Main Theme
Composer: Jake "virt" Kaufman
Buy from official site.

Lone Survivor Original Soundtrack

Song: Moving On
Composer: Jasper Byrne
Buy from official Bandcamp site.

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack

Song: Green and Blue
Composer: Neal Davidge
Buy from iTunes.

Guild Wars 2

Song: Fear Not This Night
Composer: Jeremy Soule
Performer: Asja Kadric
Buy from Direct Song.

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Avatar image for Getbacktogaming

I really liked AC3 and ME3's soundtracks,,, = D

Avatar image for xgraderx

Great music...I need to play Halo 4 again.

Avatar image for ReaperFIN666

It's really hard to believe that there's such awesome music in an FPS game like Halo 4

Avatar image for antoineflemming

@ReaperFIN666 It's not hard to believe that there's some awesome scores in FPS games period. Check out the Medal of Honor franchises music (as in, Michael Giacchino's and Christopher Lennertz's MOH music). Check out MOH 2010's music. Halo music, Crysis 1 & 2, etc. It really is the composer who make it great. Because good composers can tailor their music to the game.

Avatar image for YYankee

@ReaperFIN666 If you played Halo 3 you wouldn't find it hard to believe.

Avatar image for ReaperFIN666

@YYankee @ReaperFIN666 Well I have played them all (every single game multiple times) and I am quite aware of how awesome the music is but still when you think that it is an FPS it's hard to believe it has such awesome music (since FPS games aren't exactly known for music).

Avatar image for ShamusZ3R0

@YYankee @ReaperFIN666 Got to agree with Reaper on this one, Halo 3's music was good but Halo 4's was leaps and bounds ahead. :)

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@ReaperFIN666 @YYankee I agree that the FPS genre isn't known for there music but the Halo series in particular is.