Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Winifred Phillips

We speak to composer Winifred Phillips who has worked on Little Big Planet 2, God of War, and The Maw.


No Caption ProvidedAward-winning composer Winifred Phillips has quite a few video game scores under her belt, with her most recent project being Little Big Planet 2. Starting with the xylophone, Winifred has experience with multiple instruments and is also a classically trained singer. Along with her music producer, Winnie Waldron, she has written music for a wide variety of games, including God of War, The Maw, and Spore Hero, just to name a few. To find out more about how she got her start in the video game industry, watch our detailed interview with Winifred below!

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This is one of favorite features in Gamespot!

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While playing Speed Racer on the ps2 the music instantly called my attention, it's awesome, then I've googled for the composer and thats when I became her fan ... Speed Racer the game is underrated and that amazing soundtrack might pass under the radar unfortunately...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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she's got some psycho eye

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much better than sean murray's review

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That's pretty nice and educative interview...!!

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Shes a talker thats for sure lol....Glad she is apart of the gaming medium

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I've always wanted to see her talk!

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She's also on God of war!