Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Killzone 3's Joris de Man

We find out how award-winning composer Joris de Man got his start in the video game industry.


No Caption ProvidedA common theme among composers appears to be that they start off learning one instrument, realize that they aren't going to meet girls that way, and decide to join a band or learn an instrument that doesn't brand them as some sort of music nerd. Killzone series composer Joris de Man initially began playing the violin but decided to branch off to dabble in keyboards and drums. Realizing that his talents didn't necessarily lie in performing, his interest in chip music during the Atari and Amiga days ultimately led him to the video game industry. Born in Holland and a fan of Muse and Nine Inch Nails, Joris is now an award-winning orchestral composer living near Brighton. To learn more about Joris, check out our video interview below!

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