Sound Byte: Back to the Future - Voice Actor AJ Locascio

It's not Michael J. Fox. but it sure sounds like him! Meet the voice of Marty in Telltale's Back to the Future game.


Back to the Future: The Game

No Caption ProvidedWe've talked to composers, sound designers, and musicians, so who's next? Voice actors! Every aspect of video game audio is important to the gameplay experience. The music needs to fit, the sounds needs to be clear, and the voice acting needs to be convincing. When Telltalle Game first announced that it was going to do Back to the Future: The Game and that it had Christopher Lloyd on board to reprise his role as Doc, we all wondered whether or not Michael J. Fox would take on the role of Marty McFly from more than 25 years ago. We learned early on that he wouldn't, but to take his place, there would be AJ Locascio, who does such a convincing impression of Marty McFly that you'll feel like you're back in 1985 again. Haven't had a chance to play the game yet? Well, you should! The final episode is out this week. Sound Byte has 10 copies of the game for the PC and Mac to give away (redeemable worldwide!), so follow us on Twitter @gs_soundbyte and leave a comment for a chance to win! Sound Byte also has a new Facebook page so if you want a chance to ask AJ some questions, leave a comment!

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