SoulCalibur V Character Creation Challenge

Johnny and Danny take on the SoulCalibur V Character Creation Challenge to re-create your gaming heroes. What could possibly go wrong?


SoulCalibur V

With SoulCalibur V tantalizingly close to release, we're getting pretty excited about stepping into the ring as Ezio Auditore, the latest character with a cameo in the fighting franchise. But what about all the characters that didn't make the cut? Surely they have as much right to get their teeth kicked in as Signore Auditore? We asked the GameSpot community members to name their most wanted and then took to the game's character creator to make their dreams a reality. The first? It's-a-him, Mario!

With the world's favorite plumber rendered with crippling ineptitude perfect accuracy, it was time to move onto the next character--one we could really sink our teeth into.

Having made a less-than-super Meat Boy, we were in need of something truly special to save the SoulCalibur V Character Creation Challenge. And our jobs. Instead, this happened.

With one of gaming's most cherished franchises soundly defiled, you'd be forgiven for thinking we might stop there. You'd also be wrong.

So there you have it: four game characters, one in-depth character creator, and two enthusiastic idiots. Challenge complete!

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