Soulcalibur II HD Online revealed

Namco Bandai announces high-definition update to Soulcalibur II today at Comic-Con; launching on Xbox 360, PS3 this fall.


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Today during a San Diego Comic-Con panel attended by Polygon, Namco Bandai announced a high-definition update of Soulcalibur II for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Titled Soulcalibur II HD Online, the re-release of the classic fighting game is due out this fall.

Polygon also noted that following the reveal of Soulcalibur 2 HD Online, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada announced that Masaaki Hoshino would become producer on the Soulcalibur series in the future.

GameSpot will have more on Soulcalibur II HD Online as it becomes available.

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Avatar image for chase565

PS Vita version please!it needs all the support it can get

Avatar image for lostn

Not interested.

Old game is old.

Avatar image for Crouteru

Was a Wii U version with Link really so difficult.

Avatar image for BiohazardXTREME

For PS3 and 360? Umm... So are we gonna be getting Heihachi and Spawn again? Or will this be one unified version that (most likely) will JUST feature Heihachi?

Avatar image for DahLong

I rather they make SC III HD instead

Avatar image for chase565

A PS Vita version could have easily been made.

Avatar image for starfox15

Neat. SC2 was awesome when it came out. Day 1 purchase for the GC. Gave Melee a break.

Avatar image for BiohazardXTREME

@starfox15 Yes, except obviously neither of these versions would contain Link. Frankly, I thought he was the most popular aspect of the GC version, and what pretty much ended up selling the game.

Avatar image for Ronaldo27

Make a Wii U version with Link and I will throw my money but I have little interest in going back to plain Soulcalibur 2 in a Sony or Microsoft console.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

SoulCalibur 1 HD will be more awesome.

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

@MatrixGamer78 um, there already is a soul calibur 1 hd, at least on xbla there is, not sure about psn.

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

@MatrixGamer78 Its on iOS : D

Avatar image for barkingschnitzl

Meh... I'd be more excited about SoulCalibur 1. Anyone still have a Dreamcast lying around?

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

@barkingschnitzl pretty sad that soul calibur on dreamcast is arguably the best soul calibur of them all. id say sc2 comes damn close but it just feels like an imitation, a damn good imitation, but nevertheless still an imitation, hence the reputation for sequels of games in a series

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

iOS Please!

Avatar image for Junior_AIN

How about a PC version....

Avatar image for MegaMark1991

@Junior_AIN Graphics change. Consoles come and go. Franchises rise and fall. But people will be asking that question for as long as they make video games.

Avatar image for Urizen316

Give me Spawn!!!

Avatar image for Artemisthemp

I hope Namco will release the 2 other Soul game + Soul Edge as HD in the future

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

@Artemisthemp you know, im really surprised that namco hasnt redone soul edge/soul blade yet. the revamped hd graphics would be a much more dramatic improvement since the originals of those games were built with a prior generation graphics engine than sc2. all we can do is hope i guess.

Avatar image for rising_k

Silly Namco, they must had forgotten that back then there was 3 versions of this game and not just one. Besides everyone wanted to play as Link and Spawn in HD more than anyone else in Soul Calibur II. Make it happen Namco.

Avatar image for KimCheeWarriorX

@rising_k the only problem namco would have with that is link. im sure namco could make a deal for spawn to make an appearance and heihachi is already a namco character but nintendo is known to be stubborn as a mule so id say the chances of link appearing in a fighting game thats not appearing on a nintendo system is slim to none.

Avatar image for Romangelo

@rising_k I don't care about Link.

Avatar image for leeko_link

@Romangelo I care about Link and f**k Namco for not bringing him back. SCII was fun with him and Spawn. Yes I got his avatar fanboys. Yadiyadayada.

Avatar image for ThereWillBeNPCs


Will never happen unless released on Wii U. Obviously they can't license a Nintendo character dummies.

Avatar image for WllDan7

This is the one game that needs to be on the wii u. I got this day one because link was in this game. And it is the one I spent the most time in. I mastered a good deal of the characters in this game. I really hate though they changed the moves in 3 and since I have not got back to the feel of the game. And 5 just feels so bare bones now. Come on nintendo and namco bring this to wii u. You are working on the new smash together.

Avatar image for Porsche51688EFO

Please publish this petition about getting Soul Calibur 2 HD Online to the Wii U. Thanks!

Avatar image for Bowser05

Make a Wii U version I'll be all in. I liked Link the best out of the 3 exclusives anyway. Not that it matters in the end, I still have my GCN and Xbox versions of the game whenever I want to play.

Avatar image for NicholasT33

They should add all three exclusive characters together and a Wii U version, why not?

Avatar image for Fartman7998

Soul Calibur II was the best one. Bring back Weapon Master mode!!!

Avatar image for demon-returns

who here is willing to bet that by the time these new consoles arrive in a couple years we're going to start seeing "Ultra HD remake of current gen games" and people would once again pay twice for games they've paid for before instead of buying new things? Then bitch and moan about how company x, y or z never makes anything new but rehashes.............. Oh my I love people...............sometimes

Avatar image for TooCoolForYou

If there's no Wii U version where I get to play as Link again, then I don't want it.

Avatar image for Tribesmaster

I wish an Online HD version of Road Rash was released for XBLA.

Avatar image for xolivierx

@Tribesmaster that would be cool indeed. I remember playing this game on PS1!

Avatar image for mkeezay22

Soul Caliber was one of the first games I got for my Dreamcast along with NFL 2K, I remember it getting great reviews back then so as a Sega Saturn owner who loved fighting games I had been playing games like VF2, Fighting Vipers, Last Bronx, Fighters Megamix, and DOA I was really happy to be playing a fighter on a Sega console again, obviously when SC 2 came out I grabbed a Gamecube right away for it..

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed, SC 2 was such an amazing fighting game both graphically my jaw dropped and in gameplay that I played non stop. I had played Soul Blade in the Arcade years earlier but SC blew me away.

Then when many years later I played games like VF5 I thought they could never compare until I played SC again and realized I was wrong and fighting games had really advanced.

The point of my story you ask... well it's that we always look back on our favorite old games with nostalgia glasses and even though they were great games for there time games in many genres advance a lot over the years. A SC remake would be nice but a new game in the franchise or an enhanced version with updated mechanics and moves would better.

Honestly though I would rather see VF2 remade with new character models and arenas but this will scratch my nostalgic itch, in the end though it will be newer fighting games I play the most just for the fact they have advanced so far.

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

@mkeezay22 I play SCII now. And it's because it's amazing. It's faster and has more options than the games after it in the series. And fighting games these days, while awesome, LOVE their meters and comeback elements. It's fun, I enjoy them, but sometimes it's nice to just have your massive movelist and a controller... GO! No boost, no supers, no nothing. Just a ton of moves and different ways to mix them up, cancel and fake out. That's why it's still one of the best games. Start an attack, cancel as your opponent whiffs a repel, counter attack. Start and unblockable, forcing them to duck, cancel, do a mid, but then they predicted your fake-out and parry. It never gets old. Most series add more and more, but SC has really just taken away and messed up things. Take out moves, take out modes, take out basic mechanics. I get what you mean and agree to a degree but I believe SC and SCII are as good now as they were then and in many ways, better than modern games. I've spent beyond hundreds of hours playing it though. It has to be thousands. It's ridiculous. But it's damn good. And I also think that that era of games was a sweet spot. Graphics were really good, but games weren't trying to cater to a "broader audience". So games like Splinter Cell for example are much more complex and interesting back then than now. But I do agree in some cases, some things aren't as good as we remember.

Avatar image for Evil_Saluki

Why would anyone play an older Soul Calibur, beat um ups tend to improve on themselves as they go, just play the latest soul calibur why go back to number 2?

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

@Evil_Saluki Let me explain it to you like this Soul Edge, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur II are like the original Star Wars moves. The new games are like the prequels. They are diluted imitations that lack the things that made them awesome to start with.

Avatar image for Urizen316

@Evil_Saluki Any chance of playing a decent gameplay variant of Spawn again, I'll take it.. I'm a sad sad manchild..

Avatar image for chibi-acer

@Evil_Saluki I don't get it either. Yes, SC3 was a very marginal improvement over SC2, and SC4 was decent but not a huge leap forward either. That said, they're still better, so why would I want to go backwards?

Avatar image for chase565

No PS Vita version?

Avatar image for fatooosh

no mission mode no buy

Avatar image for Superzone

My favorite fighting game of all time. This is awesome news.

.... but no Wii U version with Link? That's bullcrap.

Avatar image for shuwar

I don't really think the series needs a 180 turn. Personally, I'm a fan of SCV - it has really deep mechanics and the gameplay is no worse than in other installments. It just lacks in content (modes, fighters, endings), because the game was released too early.
No need for burning bridges. Just make sure the next Soul Calibur is finished BEFORE the launch, then it will be a great game.

Avatar image for fallfastasleep

the GameCube version was the best, personally i loved the feel of the GC's controller playing it more than any other version, and link was just the fucking best edition to the game they ever made. the reason theyre not bringing it to the Wii U is because nintendo doesnt want to give Namco the ability to use link, or because namco bandai is on the whole "oh there's no sales for wii u" train. and excuses for hardware, or anything else are bullshit

Avatar image for frylock1987

Man...i'll flip shit if SPawn is in the 360 version of the HD Re-release and the guy from Tekken in the PS3 version. I really see no reason why they can't atleast give the Wii U this one game and the ability to play as Link. That alone will sell enough copies for the Wii U to see a small profit from them. Just make it compatible with the "classic controller"

I dont own a Wii U just strikes me odd that 3rd party companies aren't throwing certain HD remakes from the gamecube on that console. This obviously doesn't look too demanding for the Wii U.

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

Need more "Hell yeah!!! I still play SCII all the time and have been wanting an online version since fighting games were online enabled!", "The last awesome Soul game!", "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!"

And less "What's the point?", "Let me ask why HD matters and ignore the Online portion of the title", "All the Soul series means to me are Guest Characters!!!!!! ^_^ ", "NO LINK NO BUY!!! NO LINK NO BUY!!!"

Avatar image for Maxx_the_Slash

What the hell, no Wii U version? Of the three bonus characters, Link in the GameCube version of SCII was the only one that actually made any sense being in the game.

Avatar image for Urizen316

@Maxx_the_Slash Spawn rocked, but yeah made no sense really, never really was an exclusive for xbox, more like dreamcast.. then again Heihachi made even less sense since he didn't have any weapons.. Link was perfect for it, agreed. But Spawn was so badass, and still is... where is the 2nd movie... *sigh*