Soul Sacrifice out March 2013 in Japan

PlayStation Vita bundle for Keiji Inafune-produced game also announced.


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PlayStation Vita gamers who are thrilled at the prospects of sacrificing their digital body parts for magic spells can rejoice. Sony announced that Soul Sacrifice will be out in Japan on March 7, 2013. No North American or European date has been announced as of yet.

Gaze upon the redness of this specially tailored PS Vita.
Gaze upon the redness of this specially tailored PS Vita.

Furthermore, the company announced a new handheld bundle that ties in with the game's release. The bundle comes with a cosmic-red-colored PS Vita with a custom Soul Sacrifice design at the back, red earphones, a 4GB memory card, a pouch, a strap, and a cloth. Gamers will have to pay 29,980 yen ($365) for this set.

The bundle will be available for Japanese and Asian markets, with the latter being charged S$469 ($385). Previously, the game was slated to be out this year but was delayed due to feedback from TGS 2012. For more information, check out GameSpot's recent preview.

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Red is sexy!

Avatar image for gato2087

Buying this Vita.

Avatar image for Fatbeaverlol

I want this..

Avatar image for Blazakenki

I love my sexy white vita like i love my women.

But that red vita looks crazy siiiiick.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

Uh if you go to gamestores it is supposed to come out march 31st for the US....just fyi.

Just check their preorder books...

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There was an article on here saying it was announced that a US release was going to happen ( This was a while ago though so who knows. One can only hope they release this game here!

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@SmartAlec711 March 31st.

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seeing this makes my white vita look like CRAP.

Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Seriously so jelly right now.....just thought I'd throw that out there. :(

C'mon Sony, hook us up that too in the West!

Avatar image for CDWJUSTIN

i want it

Avatar image for SolidTy

That's a crazy looking Vita. It could be BA design on that Vita if that game turns out to be BA, but I don't want to take that chance.

It's like getting a bad tattoo that you are stuck with.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@SolidTy Dark Souls and Monster Hunter had a baby.

That is Soul Sacrifice.Worth going for in my opinion.

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

dunno , still prefering the classic black design , although the red looks nice i admit

Avatar image for Apocalypse324

Yea if this was released in the US I'd probably pick up another Vita...but to have it imported just isn't gonna happen

Avatar image for 00LiteYear

Why bother telling North America then? The pain of knowing we'll never get it is not worth finding it out.

Avatar image for Dnaisinmybody

I see all you guys bitching. If you want it so bad, just buy one and get it shipped here. If not, well stop complaining.

Avatar image for Kiigora_LoP

@Dnaisinmybody They aren't made of money?

Shipping would be EMS and I believe $201+ is when you have to pay import taxes. Plus it's already more money than a US system.

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Why the nice handheld versions only go to Japan? I mean the 3DS has awesome designs and PS Vita now has too, why Sony and Nintendo can't bring it to other regions?. The only thing that really change here is the color and some skins that are more like adhesives.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

@raphaelcoelho15 simple. the people in japan know these are collectors items and will respect them and keep them. in america, we see collectors items and the term "LIMITED EDITION" and try to sell them on ebay, further diminishing the reason they are made. they are made for bragging rights and to show you own something unique, not something to get a quick buck off.

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@raphaelcoelho15 I hate this. In Japan the 3DS XL has more colors, Nintendo themed designs, one that look like Pikachu, or if the are lucky the coolest looking Charizard design ever. In the US we get red, blue, and pink -.-

Avatar image for raphaelcoelho15

@GeneralBeanX That Charizard 3DS XL is awesome!

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Wish this was coming to North America. But sigh......I won't.

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Another handheld with nice details that they get to their collection while we get nothing! yaaaay

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Right the thing to do know is start letting Sony know that not releasing this world wide, would be as damaging as not releasing Demons Souls........ Not to say incredibly harmful to Vita sales. I'm not saying this game is going to be a game changer for the Vita, but it could be!

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I want it!!!

Avatar image for shadow_Metroid

Ohhhh god.. They better bring the red vita bundle with it!

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This game better be as awesome as it looks. I thought it was due out in March in the States?

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@CKeenan07 It is on the 31st.Gamespot just simply decided not to do any research beforehand.

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Thats a beautiful vita.

Avatar image for Mohjong

Sony is a Japanese company, exclusive vita releases there.

Nintendo is a Japanese company, exclusive NDS releases there.

Microsoft is an American company, exclusive xbox360 releases here.

I hope this clears things up.

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I thought soul sacrifice was already listed for pre order here on the US, guess it was a different rpg vita game.

Avatar image for WolfGrey

@kiramasaki No it is, gamespot made a huge error here. 31st of march it will be here.

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No fair! Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?

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Because that Japan siszel