Soul Reaver II - First Impression

Raziel returns yet again to uncover the mysteries behind the world of Nosgoth and his nemesis Kain. Taking place before the time of the original Soul Reaver, Eidos' sequel answers a lot of questions as it takes you on another gothic journey.


The anticlimactic ending of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver left little doubt that the game would have a sequel. So naturally, Eidos recently announced Soul Reaver II for the Dreamcast, the PlayStation, and the PC, with a Playstation2 version also on the way. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Soul Reaver 2 takes Raziel back to Nosgoth's past, in search of the mysterious answers surrounding the extinction of the vampire clans.

Raziel must travel back in time to find his father and nemesis Kain and to discover how the world of the original Soul Reaver fell on such desolation. Once again, Soul Reaver II makes use of the dual-world system, letting Raziel travel at will between the spirit and human worlds. The environments contort and refresh in real time, as the game's surrounding vacillates between worlds.

As you hunt down new enemies such as vampire hunters, humans, spectral spirits and demons, you can make use of hand-to-hand combat, projectiles, and environmental weapons. Also at Raziel's command are new-and-improved spells and special techniques to add to the depth of the gameplay.

Of course the compelling in-game cutscenes and voice-over is back to create an immersive, dark storyline, according to Eidos.

Soul Reaver for the Dreamcast is currently set for a tentative fall 2000 release date.

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