Soul of the Ultimate Nation Impressions - Overview

We take a brief look at this upcoming free-to-play fantasy online game at E3 2009.


Soul of the Ultimate Nation is one of many free-to-play massively multiplayer online games present at E3 2009, though unfortunately, it was present only as a brief trailer. The game will apparently be launched stateside by

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Who's Making This Game: SUN was originally developed by WebZen and launched in Asia in 2007, though it's being adapted for North American audiences by Huxley PC publisher

What The Game Looks Like: SUN looks like a colorful hack-and-slash online role-playing game with plenty of knights in exaggeratedly bulky armor and wizards tossing colorful particle effects.

What There Is To Do: Kill monsters, gain treasures, gain experience levels, join an in-game guild, and eventually participate in high-end player-versus-player battles.

How The Game Is Played: You can choose one of five characters: the dragon knight, the berserker, the valkyrie, the elementalist, and the shadow. After you've chosen your character, you use it to go out into the world and kill stuff.

What They Say: SUN will be a fun and addictive hack-and-slash game with a "cash-op" microtransaction store, though isn't commenting on what will be sold there.

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What We Say: Considering that the game was originally released two years ago, has its work cut out for it to make the game competitive with the many, many, many, many free-to-play fantasy online games out there. SUN will be launched in the US later this year.

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