Soul Calibur Update

Next Soul Calibur getting ready to spin its magic on the Dreamcast.


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Less than a month away from the release of Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast, GameSpot News has received more information about the game.One of the new original features in the Dreamcast version is the mission battle mode. Similar to the edge master mode in Soul Blade, players travel around the world and fight opponents. Players earn score points after each win, and after collecting a certain amount, they acquire a CG still, as well as a new battle stage to play on.

Also featured on the Dreamcast version is a hidden character. Players will be able to use the final boss from Soul Blade, Cervantes. No details are available yet on how he will become playable.

Soul Calibur is headed for an August 5 release in Japan. Several Japanese magazines and publications will be releasing playable demo CD-ROMs a week before the release date.

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