Soul Calibur Mission Mode Explored

As we play through the amazing Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, we check out the Mission Mode. Full details inside.


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In the just-released, superamazing Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast, the real meat and potatoes of the game lies in its Mission Battle Mode. No, this series of battles and tests does not take place in downtown San Francisco - it replaces the Edge Master Mode found in Soul Calibur's prequel, Soul Edge.

Instead of fighting for weapons, you are now fighting for points. By defeating a wide variety of challenges (performing all basic gameplay functions on the edge master, battling two opponents, sequentially, with "fire rats" swarming at your feet, etc.), you earn points that may be cashed in for hand-drawn artwork and CG renders. While this may not seem very exciting, believe me when I say this is the most extensive art collection compiled on a game disc. Plus, depending on how many pieces you "purchase," many additional modes and features open up. I haven't obtained every single piece of artwork yet (over 100?), but from the ones I have, I've unlocked extra stages, bonus costumes, an Exhibition Mode (where you watch characters practicing their stances), and even more cool stuff.

The replay value in Soul Calibur was already high, but this is almost silly. I'm possessed by the mission mode and won't rest until every secret is unturned. Look for the full review on soon.

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