Soul Calibur III golden

Latest iteration of Namco's popular PS2 fighter is warming up for its October 25 retail rumble.


SoulCalibur III

While the 2005 holiday season isn't as packed with major releases as the year before, it will see a fair amount of likely blockbusters hitting the market. One of the highest-profile games for current-generation consoles is Namco's Soul Calibur III, which went gold today. Exclusive to the PlayStation 2, the game is getting ready to rumble at retail on October 25. It is rated T for Teen and will sell for $49.99.

According to Namco, Soul Calibur III will sport several modes of gameplay. Besides the story-driven single-player "tales of souls" and the traditional versus modes, the game will sport a history of the franchise in museum mode. The game will also sport three new modes: character creation, which will let players build their own characters; "chronicles of the sword," which will let players fight as said characters in "a real-time simulation"; and "soul arena," which Namco cryptically describes as featuring "unique and original battles."

Namco also disclosed that three new characters--Zasalamel, Tira, and Setsuka--and two returning characters--Samurai warrior Mitsurugi and female Ninja Taki--will appear in Soul Calibur III. For a more detailed rundown of the game, check out our previous coverage, and come back to GameSpot the week of October 25 for a full review.

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