Soul Calibur II launch event in New York

Namco and EB Games are teaming up to hold a special event for the release of Soul Calibur II.


SoulCalibur II

Namco and EB Games have announced that a special launch event will be held for Soul Calibur II in New York City on August 25 at the EB Games store in Union Square. The event will begin at 10pm. Visitors will have a chance to play the North American version of the game early at kiosks set up in the area. The game will officially go on sale at 12:01am, Tuesday, August 26. Soul Calibur II is being released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Each version of the game features a special character--Link (from the Legend of Zelda series) will be in the GameCube version of the game, while Heihachi (from the Tekken series) and Spawn will be in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game respectively.

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