sOs, Maru join KeSPA team Jin Air Green Wings

sOs and Maru have joined the Jin Air Green Wings team, and will be participating in the upcoming season of ProLeague.


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2013 World Championship Series Global Champion Kim 'sOs' Yoo Jin and sixteen year old Terran prodigy Cho 'Maru' Sung Choo have joined the Jin Air Green Wings team. The move should greatly bolster the strength of the Green Wings squad as they move into the ProLeague 2013/2014 season beginning December 13th.

Cho leaving Prime leaves the team with an uncertain fate. Earlier in the year Prime, along with Incredible Miracle and MVP, withdrew from the Korean eSports Federation in move that, while never acknowledged publicly, many assumed was an attempt to join KeSPA and participate in the next season of ProLeague. Incredible Miracle and MVP will be participating in the upcoming ProLeague season, while Prime isn't included. With Cho flying a new flag and the retirement of Lee 'MarineKing' Jung Hoon earlier this year, Prime is lacking the star power that it once had.

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