Sorry Alan Wake and Max Payne, Remedy details more about its "ultimate" game Quantum Break

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break will alternate between TV-style episodes and third-person shooting.


Quantum Break
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Quantum Break, Remedy's upcoming live action TV show meets third-person shooter, needs to hit a certain bar on both action and storytelling--the Remedy pedigree, according to the Max Payne and Alan Wake creators.

But according to head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen, Quantum Break is “not only a Remedy game, but the ultimate Remedy game.”

Speaking in an interview with Edge, Hakkinen also detailed a little about how the game will mix its live-action episodes with its gameplay chapters.

“You’ll unlock the live-action episode at the end of the [gameplay] episode," he said, "but you can choose when you jump into that."

“The best experience would be to play the game, watch the live action, then play the game some more, but if you’ve chosen to dedicate your two-hour slot to gaming and you don’t want to watch live action straight away, you can continue on with the game and pick up on the live action from your iPad or phone at a later date.”

Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne added that players will alternate between the two ways of experiencing Quantum Break. “My gut tells me they’ll play a section of the game, they’ll watch the live action with a beer or a coffee, and then jump back into the game,” he said.

“Or they’ll stop and do the double-barrel thing the next night--play the episode and watch the live action.”

You can read the rest of the interview, which features more info on the game's plot and characters, over on Edge.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break currently has no official release date.

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