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Sorcery moves to stores May 22

Sony's "hardcore" gamer showpiece for PlayStation Move makes its long-awaited debut later this year.


Sorcery finally has a release date, as Sony has announced the game will debut in North American stores on May 22. The company confirmed the news in a post today on its Official PlayStation Blog.

Sorcery wants to put a spell on you.
Sorcery wants to put a spell on you.

In Sorcery, players control the apprentice magician Finn, who accidentally trespasses into the realm of the dead, putting his world in peril. Players will have to take control of Finn and his arsenal of spells (cast with motions of the PlayStation Move controller) to thwart the forces of evil and save the world.

One of the first games Sony used to show off the PlayStation Move at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sorcery was designed for a "hardcore" gamer audience. The action game has been designed with a combat system allowing for spell combos and is also incorporating gesture-based puzzles to mix up the pacing a bit.

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