Sorcery casts a spell on PS3 this spring

Sony's PlayStation Move action game resurfaces with new look, design changes to appeal to "hardcore" audience.


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Sorcery was one of the first games Sony used to show off the PlayStation Move at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but the game has kept a low profile ever since. It has finally resurfaced with a new look and release window, as Sony's PlayStation Blog has provided an update for Sorcery, pegging the game as a spring 2012 release.

Get ensorcelled next spring!
Get ensorcelled next spring!

Sorcery design director Brian Upton told the blog the game was redesigned to cater to "hardcore" gamers. To that end, the developers made the game's protagonist older than he was in the E3 build. Not all of the changes to the game were limited to its cosmetic aspects.

"What we showed at E3 was largely organized around a dungeon crawl, and we realized we didn't want that," Upton said. "We wanted a full-blown fantasy world, not a series of tunnels. A lot of our retooling involved moving the action gameplay into a more free-flowing space."

For more on that original approach, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Sorcery.

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