Sopranos And Boardwalk Empire Writer Working On New Mobster TV Show

Showtime is moving forward with a new American mobster TV show, but it's still early days.


A new TV show based on the mob is coming to the TV network Showtime, and it's assembled some big-name writing and producing talent to make it happen.

Deadline reports that the untitled show is written by Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter, and it's inspired by Nicholas Pileggi's writing about organized crime. Pileggi wrote the books that Martin Scorsese would later adapt into Goodfellas and Casino. He also produced Scorsese's new mobster movie, The Irishman, which was a big success at Netflix.

As for Winter, he also wrote and produced the HBO show The Sopranos, while he earned an Oscar nomination for his Wolf of Wall Street script. Winter is also writing the new Batman TV show coming to HBO Max.

Veteran Hollywood producer Brian Grazer is also involved in the new Showtime drama. Grazer may be best known for Arrested Development and 24, but he also has a history with organized crime productions, having produced the Ridley Scott movie American Gangster.

It sounds like it's still very early days for the new mobster show, so there is no word yet on who may star in it, when it might film, or when it could debut.

Showtime, which is owned by GameSpot parent company ViacomCBS, is also producing a new Halo TV show starring Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief.

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