Sophie Turner Slams The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Petition: "It's Disrespectful"

The Sansa Stark actress speaks out against the online petition.

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Some people on the internet are not happy about the final season of Game of Thrones. They created a petition asking for a remake of Season 8 with new writers. Of course that will never happen. But almost 1.5 million signed the petition, which means it's getting attention.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the award-winning HBO show, told The New York Times that the petition is "disrespectful" to everyone who worked so hard for so long to make Game of Thrones over the past decade.

"All of these petitions and things like that--I think it's disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season," she said. "Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it's not what they want to see is just disrespectful."

Turner said she's not surprised that people got angry on the internet about Game of Thrones.

"People always have an idea in their heads of how they want a show to finish, and so when it doesn't go to their liking, they start to speak up about it and rebel," she said.

The actress added that Game of Thrones has always been a show with "crazy twists and turns," starting with Season 1, so she doesn't understand why people got so upset with how the story went in Season 8. "It shouldn't be such a negative thing for fans. It's a shock for sure, but I think it's just because it hasn't gone their way," she said.

Whatever people thought about Game of Thrones Season 8 and the finale specifically, the show was a massive success for HBO. The finale, "The Iron Throne," tallied more than 19 million viewers to set a new record for the show and HBO overall.

For more on Episode 6, check out the show's latest coffee cup-style gaffe (this time featuring a pair of water bottles) and a reminder of who was at the council meeting (there were some faces present who we hadn't seen in years). For our thoughts on the final episode, check out our "The Iron Throne" review.

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Avatar image for izraal

It is clearly disrespectful. People who sign a petition to re-do the season are intending disrespect. They feel dissatisfied with the season and are sending a signal of their dissatisfaction and lack of respect for the product provided and the people who produced it. Whether it's warranted or not is another discussion, but it is accurate that it is disrespectful to sign such a petition. I would assume that's the obvious intent, more than our of any genuine hope to have a final season "redone."

Avatar image for marcusi23

lets get one thing right. In all honesty i praise the writers for what they put together in 6 episodes. Sure it had many plot holes etc but they did what the could do in the time period. Everyone is blaming the writers like its their fault. To me it wasnt the writer fault at all they did what they could do. I 100% blame HBO HBO gave them 6 episodes to finish out the series when the writers knew the viewers knew this needed atleast 2 more seasons consisting of 10 episodes per.

And people kill me with this petition crap. You take 3 seconds of your time to sign a free petition. And you expect HBO to say oh well nearly 2 million people virtually signed a piece of paper i guess we're forced to spend 50 million dollars to re-shoot a show to make people happy. AHAHAHAHAHAH. Dumbasses.

Avatar image for tinyjotun

The writers were disrespectful to the franchise because they wanted to hurry up and finish so they could move on to Star Wars.

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

I can’t blame them for being upset. The ending to Mass Effect 3 still upsets me. The fact that my choices never mattered at the end of that trilogy is still ridiculous. The EC made it a bit better, but it still was a big problem.

Avatar image for unikat

I'm pretty sure majority of those asking for it, are actually displeased with quality of writing and dialogues and time wasting on certain things and rushing some other things, as if characters are teleporting around the map, and it has been a problem with Season 7 too. As far as ending goes, I'm almost completely satisfied with it, and I believe that majority of those petitioning are accepting of it... other than part of those who are too dumb to see "Dany thing" coming, it's been building from Season 1 towards that.

Avatar image for chopsbenedict

@unikat: Agreed, There is a very basic disconnect between the dissatisfaction of fans and the story this article, and those who worked the show who have spoken out, are trying to tell. She/they are taking control and telling people what they think and why (disrespect anyone?) when the issue isn't that every single person on earth got the ending they wanted, its that the season was hot garbage, particularly when viewed as the culmination of something that was of such high quality in years past.

Avatar image for Lamesy

Dear Headlines,
Stop using the term "Slams," it's almost always hyperbole
xoxo, Lamesy

Avatar image for Hagan

I don't think anyone is, or should be mad at the cast, cinematographers, or crew. The people everyone is mad at are the 2 idiot showrunners that completely botch the writing and producing a poorly rush product. Casey Blogs and Sophie Turner are naïve to think its anything else.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

1.5 million people, that dont understand that grandstanding like this just makes the season more sensational and ratchets up the intrigue to even higher levels.

And an actress that either understands this or doesnt realize she's just emboldening the critics further.

Imagine if everyone just accepted S8 and moved on... The impact wouldn't be a fraction of what it's become.

The only ones who're in any kind of a vulnerable spot over this are really... nah, actually no one. 19 million viewers still nets the writers a blank check in Hollywood.

The 9% ratio of petitioners to viewers would just make some exec looking to hire them cream ther pants even harder. Controversy is great, free publicity.

Avatar image for ibonedyourmom

What a hot young s l u t.

Avatar image for ghost140

Best thing that came out of this for me was that i won $20 bucks on the method of death for one of S8 main characters.

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

This is pathetic

Avatar image for TheZorker

So they're saying that Game of Thrones is HBO's "Mass Effect 3"?

Avatar image for Barighm

Maybe someone will make a movie franchise based on the books? There's always some greedy film maker out there looking for quick cash and GoT is a massive franchise.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

People in the entertainment industry really need to grasp the concept that if you charge someone for something, it is a product, and at that point is valid to all types of scrutiny. Just because you worked hard on it doesn't make you exempt from it either.

With most jobs, people would be lucky to only have a petition (which they don't even have to act on) to deal with after such a level of criticism.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@LesserAngel: you're scrutinizing her work, and shes scrutinizing the basis of your opinion. I dont understand the problem, at all.

You're both allowed to do exactly that and she doesnt owe the fanbase complacency simply because she created something.

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

@LesserAngel: Dude. Nothing is owed to you in this world. Grow up. They made what they wanted to make. They didn't have to live up to any expectations except their own.

Avatar image for LesserAngel


"They didn't have to live up to any expectations except their own."

That's the kind of thinking that leads people to getting fired in literally any other line of work, which is part of my point here. It's the kind of thinking that they're above criticism that annoys me. Instead of saying "we screwed up, we'll have to try better next time", they blame the viewers instead.

Avatar image for rodent347

@masterfrankgrimes: Respect is not owed to people who work hard on something you dislike, either. Mentally mature.

Avatar image for burnferl

@LesserAngel: Of course it's a product, but it's also an art piece...let's compare it to a music album. you have the right to criticize and dislike every single song on it, but it would be disrespectful to ask the artist to remake the's his vision, he put his heart into it for a couple of years and he likes what he did. Same thing goes for a tv series...people have no right to decide how it's done, it's up to the makers.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@burnferl: Except, that's not entirely how it works. Do you know how albums are produced? The producer pretty much has the say-so on what does, and doesn't, get included on said album. The artists themselves have comparatively little creative control on that part. Entire albums have been redone if the producer says it wont sell. Also, it's extremely easy to know what you're getting with music as opposed to film, what with review embargoes that exist, among other things.

Hell, when it comes to art in general, a lot of time the artist WILL redo a piece if it's a commission and doesn't meet the commissioner's requirements. It's one thing to make the art FIRST and THEN sell it, It's an entirely different animal when the artist is being paid to make that art from the beginning. This is a bit different though, seeing as how, technically, HBO is the commissioner. So it's HBO's requirements they had to meet, not the consumer's. On HBO's part though, ticking off the consumer is a good way to lose subscribers.

Avatar image for non-scorer

I don't understand. She said it is disrespectful to people who have worked on the show for the last decade -- yet people only signed a petition over season 8. Did season 8 take over a decade to create or is she being overdramatic?

I don't watch the show, so I wouldn't know.

Avatar image for aross2004

@non-scorer: The entire show was a decade in the making. The petition only asks for a redo on the final season, (which is still a ludicrous ask).

Avatar image for mrdinghat

"so she doesn't understand why people got so upset with how the story went in Season 8"

Because it was rushed. It's not the story as such, it's how it was told. Major event after major event with little to no build up in between. It was more like a summary of what happened in the season instead of a proper, full length season.

Avatar image for ValedictorianXD

Your white privilege is showing, Ms. Turner. Imagine having to only work and deliver a subpar performance each time for a handful of days out of the year and then having the balls to tell people how they should act and lecture them about hard work.

Hardy, harrr, harrrr.

Avatar image for rickjamesia

@ValedictorianXD: Wut... in a discussion about a premium cable show? Really? This is the first-worldiest bourgeois "problem".

Avatar image for ValedictorianXD


The fact is that she is a person of privilege who literally makes millions and she can't take the slightest bit of criticism. Instead of owning up to the fact that the season had some flaws, she turns around and chastises all of the dissenters by talking about how hard the team worked...while they sat in chairs in lofty studios and made 6-7 figures easily over the course of a year. The only person turning it into a first world problem is Sophie Turner. People simply didn't like the season. Sophie wants to take some moral high ground and guilt trip people into silence. Not gonna happen in this day and age of cancel culture.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@ValedictorianXD: wait... you really thought what she said would "guilt trip people into silence?"

Do you even internet?

Avatar image for rickjamesia

@ValedictorianXD: People do shit work and are disappointing. That's the nature of the world. Not much of a reason to get bent out of shape about it, or go for their throats. Most people complaining probably do shit work and disappointed someone too.

Avatar image for idakooz

I find a little funny. It wasn't all that bad. But considering the author of the book has come out and say that the ending from the book may differ from the tv series is ironic.

Avatar image for XT14

I like when actors say fans are disrespectful. You know what's disrespectful? You being paid millions to play a character on a stage and then think you are anything but super lucky to be in the position you are in. Take the criticism and go back home to your nice house/apartment and let the rest of us armchair critics have our chance to complain.

You worked tirelessly for 11 months this last season? Cool story. The majority of us work tirelessly for 12 months, every year. Now I have good reason to dislike you both as a person and actress, nice job.

Avatar image for superklyph

@XT14: So you signed the stupid petition?

Avatar image for XT14

@superklyph: no, it's a TV show. Although it would be hilarious for them to actually remake it (I would watch just in disbelief), it's their show, they can finish it as they like. They just need to be realistic.

Just like games that get average/low scores here on GameSpot, there is typically a team of hundreds that spent a long time and many long months of work to get a 6 out of 10. I'm not going to petition them to remake it, just going to not buy it.

If Avalanche Studios comes on and "slams" GameSpot and the public for expecting better and being disrespectful for not acknowledging their efforts, most of us would probably laugh. The developers of Rage 2 probably worked just as hard as many of the actors of GoT, they just aren't famous enough for anyone to write an article if they get mad and if one did get written, they'd probably get fired.

So, Sophie Turner, get off your privileged pedestal. You wanna be mad? Talk to the show writers and your acting coach, not the fans.

Avatar image for GuillermoGage

I don't have any strong opinions on this.

I read the headline quote in Sansa's voice.

Avatar image for VampireLord123

I think they are right, people act they own a show, but at end you are viewer you enjoy or you don´t what you are watching and period. Imagine if artist had to remake their art just because people did not like it, it just does not makes sense. You create something people will admire or hate it and period. I think is salty to ask to remake it, to me feels like if someone had ask Leonardo Da Vinci to change the Mona Lisa (I am not refering in terms of quality) just because they did not like it, it is just plain stupid. There is a reason this was the last season because there is a point where is impossible to satisfy people and if they kept going it would end up very bad for the show.

Avatar image for rodent347

@VampireLord123: Imagine sending back a steak because it was burnt to a crisp. (pun intended)

Avatar image for aross2004

@VampireLord123: I agree, no one should ever ask Leonardo DiCaprio to change the Moaning Lisa!

Avatar image for ALLIAMOS

who is Sansa Stark ?

Avatar image for gzaface

Nobody like her anyway.

Avatar image for ccgod

Really all they needed to do was make the battle for Winterfell better and it could have explained away a lot of bad in the rest of the season. They had way too much plot armor and blatant we did this or didn't do that due to budget issues and they made them painfully obvious. Her not showing any remorse after snapping (for no reason) and burning Kings landing isn't in her character at all especially when she locked her dragons up for killing one innocent child. She just filleted an entire city and was super cool with it.

Avatar image for VGjunkie87

@ccgod: The show definitely could have used more episodes I can’t disagree with that but Dany did show signs of being a tyrant/dictator throughout the show. After she lost Jorah, Missandei, 2 of her children because of her decision to help Jon’s war against the dead, then had her closest allies betray her (Tyrion, Jon and Varys) and receiving no loyalty or trust from anyone is Westeros after saving them all were clearly factors that led her to go full mad queen.

Avatar image for hansond_jaysond_lee

I'm guessing she's not a big fan of the series?

I love her portrayal of Sansa and I sorta understand her frustration.

Imagine you and your team putting all your effort to a project and for the fandom to crap all over it and demand it to be redone, they must be feeling, as she puts it, disrespected.

I know a lot of people have said this, but GoT S8 was a masterpiece of TV in term of its production.

There's nothing wrong with the acting, directing, music, cinematography, nor the visual effects.

It's just the rushed writing that pissed a lot of people off.

And I know it really feels like GoT fandom are just a bunch of perfectionist nerds that wants everything to go their way.

But this is Game of Thrones we're talking about. One of the most groundbreaking and talked about show in the past decade.

Of course people will demand the best of everything for its final season.

And I do agree that making a petition is not the best solution for all of this.

But I kinda understand the need for them to do that because I think that they think this is the only way to make HBO and GoT creators heard their voice.

It's kinda like review-bombing a game on Steam.

I don't like the idea, but I understand why it happens.

Avatar image for aross2004

@hansond_jaysond_lee: "There's nothing wrong with the acting, directing, music, cinematography, nor the visual effects."

The Long Night episode says otherwise. Not only was it so dark that you literally couldn't see what the hell was happening through the bulk of the battle, (and don't give me the "it was an artistic choice" crap, we all know it was to hide sketch effects), but the editing was also so hyperactive that you still couldn't tell what the hell was going on, (yep, there's definitely some kind of fighting going on here).

While I will agree that some things looked fantastic, (Kings Landing getting nuked by Drogan was fucking stunning), other times shit looked sketchy AF. There were plenty of times where the Dragons or Ghost CG looked worse than video game cutscenes, and other times where the CG was on point.

And the acting was not always top shelf by ANY stretch, (Kit Harrington should never try to cry on film ever again), even if it was really good at other times.

I think that kind of sums it up really, pretty 50/50 on a lot of things that relate to the production side of the series.

And of course, this is just my opinion only, since I understand that some people will not see it the way I do ;)

Avatar image for nabinator

@hansond_jaysond_lee: Good comment. It kinda shows though, things like top quality production don't matter if the writing is rushed and sloppy. Season was rushed, it needed more episodes to build up to Dani's madness. I won't even get started on the night king, that shit isn't salvageable.

Avatar image for Barighm

@nabinator: Top quality production? There's a Starbucks coffee cup in one scene, and a thermos in another.

Avatar image for nabinator

@Barighm: Top quality production followed by top quality mistakes

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