Sony's PSP Kingdom coming

Action RPG Tenchi no Mon makes it to North American PSPs in November under the name Kingdom of Paradise.


Sony today announced a November release for Kingdom of Paradise, a new action role-playing game in development exclusively for the PSP that features character designs from Korean animator Ko Jinho. The project was titled Tenchi no Mon when it was released overseas.

In Kingdom of Paradise, a peace between five martial clans in the land of Ohka is shattered when the Kirin clan turns on its allies to secure sole possession of the Divine Swords, symbols of absolute power. When one of the clans is reduced to the young warrior Shinbu and a girl named Suirin, Shinbu sets out to restore the balance of power in the land.

Sony is promising a flexible system of combat in Kingdom of Paradise, with players that can create their own moves, combos, and sword skills, which they can then exchange with (or use against) friends in the game's ad hoc one-on-one fighting mode. Special defensive items, skills, and an exclusive new sword will be available for download through the game's infrastructure mode.

For more on Kingdom of Paradise, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of Tenchi no Mon.

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