Sony's Panopticon revealed as Freedom Wars

Japan Studio describes the upcoming RPG as a rescue multiplayer action game.


Sony has confirmed that its Panopticon trailer from last week is actually for a PlayStation Vita exclusive called Freedom Wars.

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Panopticon is the name of the region where Freedom Wars takes place. It's a penal colony set 100,000 years in the future, where everything is constantly monitored by almost 13 million security cameras.

Sony's Japan Studio describes the game as a rescue multiplayer action game, though does not give any additional information about how the game will play.

A new three-minute trailer reveals more about the game's setting and context, though reuses much of the footage seen in last week's teaser.

The game's official website suggests more information about the game will be made available on May 30.

Freedom Wars is due out in Japan sometime in 2014.

Sony's Japan Studio is also currently at work on the PlayStation 4 platformer Knack, which was announced along with the console back in February.

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