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Sony's New Bravia TV Line Is "Ready For PlayStation 5"

Two new entries in Sony's Bravia line make good use of most of the PlayStation 5's features, the company says.


With both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X on the horizon, you might be thinking now is the right time to start looking at a new, fancy TV. But which ones will let you make the most of your new game console? If you're choosing the PS5, then Sony could be making things a little easier for you.

At least it is with its own range of Bravia television, with two new models specifically marked as "Ready for PlayStation 5." Both the Bravia Z90H and Z8H will be the first in the Bravia series to bear this labeling, assuring you that your Sony gaming console will make full use of its special features.

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But what exactly are those features? Many are standards that come with HDMI 2.1--a new format for your HDMI cables that lets them deliver much more information over compatible ports. This allows for 120 frames per second at a full 4K resolution, which isn't possible on the same HDMI cables you're using on your current consoles. Yes, you may actually have to buy some new HDMI cables instead of swapping out the 130 of them currently stored in your drawer.

It also enables low-latency mode, which the PS5 will be able to automatically activate on a compatible display with HDMI 2.1. Both these new Bravia sets include it, letting you play your games with the lowest latency possible without having to mess in the settings menu first.

The Z90H will be limited to 4K, and sadly doesn't feature a 120Hz panel for you to make use of. The more expensive Z8H kicks things up to 8K for a native resolution, but also features 120Hz support at 4K--perfect for the PS5, which will support both.

Sony has yet to announce a release date or price for the PS5, but the console is still expected to launch sometime this Holiday season. Check out our pre-order guide to stay up-to-date on when you can place your order.

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