Sony's adhocParty takes local PSP MP online Nov. 19

New service will let North American gamers play Ad Hoc modes remotely with the help of a PS3; Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite supported at launch.


When the PSP launched in 2005, it introduced online play to the handheld gaming industry. However, games supporting true online play (the system's infrastructure mode) were quickly outnumbered by those supporting only Ad Hoc mode, or local wireless play with PSPs in the immediate vicinity.

Because racing around in circles is no fun unless you're beating somebody else.
Because racing around in circles is no fun unless you're beating somebody else.

Sony will address that discrepancy November 19, when it introduces the adhocParty service for the PSP. Launched in Japan last year, adhocParty allows PSP gamers with a PlayStation 3 to play select Ad Hoc mode games online through the console's Internet connection.

A full list of compatible games has not been released, but there will be support for at least a pair of heavy hitters. Sony has already confirmed that Gran Turismo PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will both be playable online using adhocParty.

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