Sony's $1000 3D viewer up for preorder

PlayStation maker's HMZ-T3W features twin OLED screens and "Game mode" that boosts contrast to "enhance" shape details.


Sony's all-new $1000 HMZ-T3W wearable display is now available for preorder from the Sony Store, the PlayStation maker has announced. The new model is the third iteration of the head-mounted display technology first introduced early last year.

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For gamers, the HMZ-T3W features a "Game mode." Through the press of a single button, contrast is boosted to "enhance" shape details.

"It's the perfect way to enjoy favorite titles, from fast paced shooters to tire-burning racing. Plus, there is no fumbling for the right keys or buttons in mid-game--the ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed 'look-down' view of your keyboard or controller while you play," Sony said.

The device can be used for gaming with a Windows PC or PlayStation 3, like its predecessor the HMZ-T2, but is not a dedicated gaming VR headset like the Oculus Rift.

Unlike its predecessor, the HMZ-T3W is not tethered to an AC power pocket, allowing users to take the device with them wherever they go. The device is also lighter than its predecessor, and is "ideal for lengthy game sessions," Sony said.

The HMZ-T3W features two 720p OLED displays and virtual 7.1 surround sound. It will be released officially next month.

Sony is rumored to be working on its own virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.

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