Sony working on Gran Turismo movie - Report

A film adaptation of the game series will reportedly be led by Fifty Shades of Grey directors Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti.


Racing series Gran Turismo may be heading to the big screen, according to a report by Hollywood industry publication The Wrap.

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While no official announcements have been made by Sony Pictures or Sony Computer Entertainment that the project is in active development, the site currently tips Fifty Shades of Grey producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti to lead the project. Sony executives Elizabeth Cantillon, DeVon Franklin, and Hannah Minghella will manage the film for the studio.

The film is reportedly being created to cash in on the success of fast car films, citing Universal’s The Fast and the Furious series, Dreamworks' adaptation of EA's Need for Speed, and the upcoming Hot Wheels movie based on Mattel's line of popular children's toys.

The latest game in the long-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise, Gran Turismo 6, is currently slated to ship on the PS3 sometime during 2013. A demo for the game was released earlier this month, while Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauch previously confirmed that the studio has a PlayStation 4 version of the game "in mind for the future."

A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson was unavailable to confirm the report at the time of publication.

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Avatar image for SpyderWeiss

There's gonna be a lot of "racyness" in the movie :)

Avatar image for ihitthedrum

I hear half of this movie is going to be guys working on cars (installing turbos for 30,000 CR and such) while listening to jazz-funk fusion. The other half is going to be pissed off drivers repeatedly failing license tests.

Avatar image for TM-Mordred

i'm kind of imagining Tobey Maguire (or somebody) wanting to become a big shot in the motorsport world. He starts off trudging through one-make races with VW Bugs, Mazda Miatas, and Mini Coopers before slowly advancing up the racing ladder. Once this independent driver starts getting noticed by the major racing enterprises, they set out for blood and order their racers to bring Maguire's career to an untimely end. In the ultimate race, Maguire competes in the Formula 1 championship final and leads most of the race until one of the other racers causes him to spin out, killing the other driver in the process. Knocked to the back of the pack, Maguire pushes his car into overdrive for the final laps, and on the final corner of the race one of his tires blows. He manages to keep the car in line long enough to take the checkered flag, but crashes horrifically afterwards. After the unconscious Maguire is safely lifted from his wrecked vehicle, he wakes up, realizes that he's won, and celebrates like a f*cker.

Avatar image for TM-Mordred

Avatar image for deadly_yank33

who cares..forza 5 is better in every way.....

and how come when I click on the playstation section of gamespot...the top 5 or so articles are about xbox one? lmao does sony have nothing to post?

Avatar image for 91210user

How the hell are you going to get over 1,000 cars screened in a 2 hour movie?

Avatar image for TM-Mordred

@91210user most of them will be shitty everyday vehicles or 300 different option packages of the exact same Japanese vehicle. There will be 4 supercars in the movie. One of them is confirmed to be a knockoff Porsche.

Avatar image for Snaptrap

Oh brother, another car movie.

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for CADMAN_3

Damn, I'm in the wrong line of work. Smoke crack and come up with a really crappy idea for movies, make millions and piss people off because of the crap idea I just made big money off of. YEAH THAT'S THE WAY TO GO........

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

"The film is reportedly being created to cash in on the success of fast car films, citing Universal’s The Fast and the Furious series, Dreamworks' adaptation of EA's Need for Speed, and the upcoming Hot Wheels movie....."

Shouldn't they wait until all three of those 'successful' movies have actually been released before coming to the conclusion there's a trend?

So long as they shy away from the stupidly over-the-top action shots (tanks in the back of trucks) and focuses on a passion for the cars, it may be worth it.

Avatar image for ihitthedrum

To the guys who think this movie might show the technical and more nuanced side of motorsport: it's being produced by the same assfaces who produced Fifty Shades of Grey. I can't imagine this movie being tasteful or engaging. I know that producers don't write the script, but if those two clowns decided to be involved with a stupid sex story, I can't imagine the result of this being any good.

Avatar image for TM-Mordred

@ihitthedrum 50 Shades of Nissan R34 Skylines

Avatar image for TexasAnMGrad2K

Will the movie be allowed to show car damage?

Avatar image for TM-Mordred

@TexasAnMGrad2K no

Avatar image for bmart970

There should with very few exceptions never be video game movies.

Avatar image for KittyHeart

maybe this movie si about racing around on a track and having your opponent shoot out your tires and it causes revenge on the track... lots of foul language in this movie fo sho! =p

Avatar image for Halloll

I won't care how bad this movie will be if it had the X2010 or the X2011

Avatar image for the_real_luigi

WTF?!!!! How?

Avatar image for PandaTrueno86

As much as I love cars and Motorsport....I don't think this is a good idea.

Avatar image for Meta-Gnostic

This could be pretty good if they play to the series strengths and create a movie that is either about real racing or shows the technical side of cars and racing, unlike the popcorn-fest Fast and Furious type of film.

Avatar image for Restivus

True to the series, they don't show car deformation until the second half of the movie.

Avatar image for Chr0noid





Gran Turismo

Rated R for some violence and explicit sexual scenes.

Avatar image for Xiosis

Gran Turismo is a good racing series, but why the hell would someone make a movie out of it?

Avatar image for sammoth

Here is an idea Sony how about work on a GT game for the PS4 to compete with the Forza series than making a STUPID movie.

Avatar image for Barrakas21

For all the haters. Do fast and furius had a story?any of them?i didnt think so. Still that doesnt make much sense lol

Avatar image for lilrobda1

Jason Statham?

Avatar image for NodakJo2010

Maybe it could be about the Le Mans 24 hour Circuit de la Sarthe race... with GT Academy involved in one way or another.

Avatar image for DMND

There is enough Sony fanboys to turn this movie into a huge success.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for your driver's license exam!

Avatar image for deadpeasant

This game series is great, one of my favorites. But it has never had one iota of story line or any characters throughout its life. Why would anyone want to make a film based on this game...?

Avatar image for BlackLense

First Need for Speed, now Grand Turismo.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

Well, I thought an Angry Birds movie was the worst idea ever... I'm proven wrong.

Avatar image for Dandyslayer13

What I've always wanted a Gran Turismo movie!!!! I hope its like Cars cause if not I don't know what its going to be about..... WAIT. Lets have the main character be a cop who'll infiltrate an illegal car racing scene to find some crazy thieves who rob large trucks in daring high speed heist and will throw in a romantic sub-plot! IT'LL SELL LIKE HOT CAKES! And then we'll reap the benefits of multiple sequels that will surely follow in its wake!

Avatar image for FstBrk342

This seems kinda silly really. The only thing I can think of is that they are going to build the movie around the whole idea of the GT Academy- taking a gamer and making him a pro racer. Works for a children's movie I guess but that's about it.

Avatar image for CreMax90

What's next then?

Gran Turismo: The official video game of the movie of the game

Avatar image for lucivar1

Another ho-hum PhonyStation exclusive. Movie will suck and maybe they should package a Vita as a bundle to all who see the movie and play the game as an incentive.

Avatar image for MrBustaWolf

This just seems like a bad idea for some reason.

Avatar image for fleatoad

Why would you make a movie about gran tursimo?

You guys running low on stupid ideas to waste vast amounts of money on?

Just record an ant having a poo it will be more interesting.

Avatar image for jessie82

if its anything like the driver/driven movie ill pass

Avatar image for nick-nikol

It's a very smart idea to see a G.T.6 movie on the big screen as they say. The issue here in my opinion is that SONY is TRULLY a very smart and broad thinking comp. Congats, and reason for this is that they are smart enough to realize that their customers who support SONY all these years, get to play their new G.T. 6 on the old consoles since some people might not be able to buy the next Gen consoles right away . UNLIKE THE SMACKS! In Microsoft who think they are God's gift to the world who will not make available their new Forza game to the old Xbox 360,and BLACKMAIL OR THEY THINK THEY DO to make consumers buy the X one so they can enjoy their grand gift to the world FORZA 5.. They are stupid people appreciate responsible companies such as SONY. Take it from a fanatic supporter of the X BOX.

Avatar image for McDog3

So it will be Fifty Shades of Concrete? Also I enjoyed reading how they are cashing in on the profitable fast car films by citing movies that are STILL IN PRODUCTION. If these guys have a future predictor, I want to know about it.

Avatar image for nisgos

Sony are u mad , turn uncharted into a movie and u can give indiana jones a run for his money , last of us , even rachet and clank would make good movies .

Meanwhile directors why u no make movie from assassins creed ?

Avatar image for McDog3

@nisgos Ratchet and Clank is actually being turned into a film. Uncharted was also proposed for film, but directors fell through and the script went nowhere as far as I know. That could also easily happen to this.

Avatar image for Flames03

Wow lets take a game that is garbage and make a movie out of it.Yea nothing could go wrong there

Avatar image for hackerrei

@Flames03 You call the best raceing games series of the last 15 years garbage you must not play raceing games that much to say some thing as ignorant as that. The series has sold over 70 million that is far from trash.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@hackerrei To be fair, although the series has been great, GT5 was a massive bag of shit, other than time trials the game is balls... The AI sucks, half the cars suck, the online sucks, I'd suggest it's pushing it to call it a "racing" game, since all the racing is terrible in it.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Fifty Shades of Burnt Asfalt, then? You know Fast and Furious 6 just crossed 700 million dollars worldwide, so I guess some people want to get in on that. Fast and Furious 7 is coming in July 2014, so they might be in rough competition there. It might get crowded in the "fast cars, big muscles, and little else" subgenre. What will they do to stand out and attract the Fast and Furious audience, I wonder?

Avatar image for Talavaj

A movie based on a game with zero story based on driving simulation.

Yes, nothing can go wrong !