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Sony Won't Allow In-Development Ark: Survival Evolved on PS4, Dev Says

"We would like nothing more than to make Ark available on PS4 as soon as possible."


Sony will not allow an in-development version of dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 4, according to developer Studio Wildcard. In a forum post today, the developer said fans who want to play as soon as possible should reach out to Sony.

"As for the PS4 Release of Ark: Survival Evolved, it is currently up to Sony," Studio Wildcard explained. "We've been informed that we can't release the game on this platform until it has been finished.

"We would like nothing more than to make Ark available on PS4 as soon as possible, as we already have an awesome PS4 version of the game running internally. If you would like to see it sooner, please let Sony know, as it's unfortunately not our decision."

Survival Evolved is available on PC through Steam Early Access and on Xbox One through Game Preview. The PS4 does not have a program along the lines of Early Access, which may explain why Sony reportedly won't allow the in-progress version of Survival Evolved on the PS4.

GameSpot has reached out to Sony in an attempt to get its side of the story.

In other news about Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard recently announced that it was removing the free-to-play Survival of the Fittest version on PC. As for PS4 and Xbox One versions, these are on hold indefinitely.

Survival Evolved launched in June 2015 for PC and came to Xbox One later. Despite not even being finished yet, the game has sold 5.5 million copies across both platforms.

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