Sony: We don't just want shooters on PS4

Worldwide Studios boss says big-budget blockbusters "not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with."


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When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 in February, the first title shown off for the next-generation platform was not a big-budget blockbuster, but rather Sony Japan's Knack. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained to Edge that this was intentional and meant to demonstrate that the PS4 will offer more than just action and shooter games.

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"It was pretty intentional," Yoshida said. "We were like yeah we hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure or very photorealistic, you know big-budget blockbuster games. And you know people like these games, but these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with."

Big-budget games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and DriveClub were shown later during the meeting, but Yoshida contends that the PS4 is capable of more than just beefed-up graphics.

"Yeah, so almost the biggest message that we wanted to send in preparing for the event as well as in designing PS4 was…we at Sony and we at Sony Computer Entertainment, it's just natural for us to enhance the core technology and performance of the hardware, but it’s not the hardware that is the biggest focus," he said.

The PS4 is officially due out this holiday season, though region-specific availability is unknown. According to a past report, the system will launch in November beginning at $430.

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