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Sony Wants New "PS5 Pro Enhanced" Mode In Games - Report

An enhanced PS5 Pro is reportedly coming.


Sony is reportedly asking game developers to take advantage of Sony's alleged PlayStation 5 Pro for increased graphical fidelity.

According to The Verge, Sony is reportedly asking game developers to create an exclusive graphics mode in their games for its high-end PlayStation 5 model. It reportedly combines Sony's new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling to 4K resolution with 60fps and ray-tracing.

Games that offer this mode apparently have the PS5 Pro "Enhanced" label. However, the label will still be available for some games that have 30fps. Reportedly, games that have a fixed resolution on PS5 can still have the label as long as developers increase the target resolution on PS5 Pro, and those with variable resolutions can increase their target maximum resolution.

What this possibly means is that a game that has a higher maximum resolution on PS5 Pro and a lower one on the base PS5 could qualify for the "Enhanced" label. Reportedly, just enabling ray-tracing and opting to not improve the resolution or framerate is enough earn the label.

However, the label reportedly won't be attached to games that only run at a more stable framerate on PS5 Pro, as well those with variable resolutions that don't improve the maximum resolution. For example, if a game has a variable resolution from 1080p to 1440p on base PS5, and then a resolution from 1280p to 1440p, then it won't get the label. This is because even though the low end variable resolution increased, the maximum stayed the same.

Developers who want to utilize this mode need to update their games to Sony's SDK, but some games that don't will still have better performance on the PS5 Pro. There is reportedly an "ultra boost" mode that helps out with framerates and resolutions. However, many unpatched games apparently won't see improvements with this mode, especially ones with fixed resolutions and graphical settings.

Sony hasn't responded to these reports or revealed a PS5 Pro, but rumors say that the console could be released sometime this year.

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