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Sony Unveils a New Motion Controller

The company showed off a new prototype motion controller that uses the PlayStation Eye Toy camera.


During its E3 press conference, Sony showed off a new prototype motion controller that's been researched for a number of years. The company went into how the controller works, but it didn't elaborate on when the controller would be available or for what price.

Sony's prototype controller
Sony's prototype controller

The controller, shaped like a microphone with a large, light-up, bulbous top, uses the PlayStation Eye to interface with the PlayStation 3. Richard Marx, creator of the PlayStation Eye Toy camera, was on hand to demonstrate the new controller.

Now it's a sword!
Now it's a sword!

The PlayStation Eye camera tracks the lit bulb in 3D and translates the motion onto the screen. A helper demonstrated the controller by using it in a number of demos; some involving two controllers at the same time.

Some of the single-handed control schemes included a host of sports uses, such as baseball and tennis. Marx went on to say that the controller was quite sensitive and could be tracked across the room as the player moved.

The controllers were also accurate enough for the demonstrator to write his name on a virtual wall.

In combination with the analog buttons, he was also able to paint on a wall while regulating paint flow.

Using two controllers, he was able to reach into the virtual world to manipulate objects as well. Other more traditional gaming uses included guns. In another demo, he used two controllers to operate a bow. When he dropped to his knees, the bow became steadier and he was able to shoot more accurately. Another two-handed control scheme had the demonstrator wield a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

Sony expects to release the controller in the spring of 2010.

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