Sony Treating PS4 No Man's Sky Like a First-Party Game

"We are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it."


Sony has pledged to "put the full weight of PlayStation" behind upcoming ambitious indie game No Man's Sky as part of the company's effort to treat the PlayStation 4 title like a first-party game, even if it does come to other platforms later.

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"No Man's Sky has been treated as if it was from one of our internal studios," Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara told MCV. "We have been working very closely with the developers and bringing it into our release program as if we had made it."

"We are not going to treat it any differently and we are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it," he added. "If it all comes together as well as expected, it will be treated like a first-party release; it is not a self-published small indie title on the platform."

No Man's Sky is a timed-exclusive for PS4, launching first on Sony's new console before coming to PC later down the road. The game is due out later this year for PS4, while a release date for the PC edition has not been announced. It remains to be seen if developer Hello Games will also bring the game to Xbox One.

For its part, Microsoft has said that it "would love" to see No Man's Sky come to Xbox One.

It wouldn't be the first time that Sony treats a multiplatform title like a first-party game, as the company did the same with Bungie's shooter Destiny.

Also in the interview, Gara reveals that Sony may end up releasing a boxed version of No Man's Sky, though this has not been confirmed.

“It is more about making the right decision for the right title at the right time," he explained. “It is entirely possible that we will release some of these games together, digitally and physically, or one after another, but it will be decided on a title-by-title basis."

For more on No Man's Sky, an open-world space game that will be truly massive thanks to its procedurally generated worlds, check out GameSpot's previous coverage and some images in the gallery below.

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