Sony transferring PSN services to SNEA

Starting next month, Sony Network Entertainment America will be taking over online operations, requiring users to agree to new terms of service.


Given the game industry's penchant for April Fools' Day pranks, many gamers compensate by being overly vigilant about every bit of news that hits April 1. Sony is assuring gamers that at least one thing that day will be totally on the level, as the company is providing a heads-up about a change in the operation of the PlayStation Network.

Aside from agreeing to new terms of service, users shouldn't notice a change.
Aside from agreeing to new terms of service, users shouldn't notice a change.

On April 1, operation of Sony Computer Entertainment America's online services will be handed over to Sony Network Entertainment America. For end users, the impact of the change should be minimal. Gamers' digital wallets and funds will also be transferred in the process; if a user declines the new terms, the account will be closed and the money stored in it will be refunded. When they sign on to their account, users will be asked to agree to a new Terms of Service and User Agreement with Sony Network Entertainment America. The full text of the new terms of service is available from the company's official website.

Established last year, Sony Network Entertainment already handles the online operations for Sony's Bravia, Dash, and Blu-ray players. Gamers may know it primarily for the Qriocity video and music streaming services, which use the same log-in information and virtual wallets as the PlayStation Network.

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