Sony to replace Sixaxis batteries

The PlayStation 3's wireless controllers may eventually fail to hold a charge, but Sony will reportedly provide a replacement service.


UK trade site is reporting that Sony has a solution to concerns about the PlayStation 3 controller's rechargeable batteries. There is no way for users to access the controller's battery compartment to replace them if they eventually fail to hold a charge, so there was some concern about what would happen to such controllers.

According to, a Sony representative told the site that the electronics giant "will provide a service to replace wireless PS3 controllers 'when and if' their lithium batteries degrade." The representative added that it would be many years before the batteries degraded. There was no indication as to how much--if anything--Sony would charge for the service.

Attempts to confirm the replacement policy with American Sony reps were unsuccessful as of press time. However, any such service would presumably be similar to the company's replacement of PlayStation 2s suffering from the dreaded "Disc Read Error." That requires a call to SCEA Consumer Service at 1-800-345-SONY (7669) or a visit to its Online customer service center.

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