Sony to release new version of PS2 hardware

The new version will include additional DVD playback functionality.


Sony has announced that it will release a new model of its PlayStation 2 that will feature more DVD playback options. In addition to the DVD-R format supported by previous models, the new PlayStation 2 model, SCPH-50000, will support the DVD-RW and DVD+R/+RW formats (the DVD-RAM format will not be supported). Additionally, the DVD output will now support progressive scan (525p).

The SCPH-50000 will not have IEEE 1394 support, but it will have 30 percent less fan noise than previous models, as well as an infrared sensor built in to accommodate a new remote control that Sony is releasing. Along with all the abilities that the previous remote controls had, the new remote control model, SCPH-10420, will have the ability to turn the machine's power on and off, reset the machine, and open the disc tray.

The new PlayStation 2 model and its remote control will be released separately on May 15, priced at 25,000 yen ($207) and 2,200 yen ($18), respectively.

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