Sony to hold business briefing tomorrow

SCE changes private licensee conference into an official PS briefing; company might reveal additional new details on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment announced it will hold its PS Business Briefing 2006 March conference in Tokyo tomorrow at 3 p.m. local time. Specific details on the conference have not yet been revealed, but speculation is that the company will unveil additional new information about the PlayStation 3.

The possibility of additional PS3 information tomorrow comes from Sony's decision to include members of the Japanese press in the briefing, rather than its original intention of holding the meeting only for third-party licensees.

"The meeting was originally planned for licensees only. However, we have been receiving many inquiries and decided to make [last minute] changes," a spokesperson from SCE told GameSpot News.

The PS Business Briefing comes just days before the Game Developers Conference, which will be taking place in San Jose, California, from March 20-24. Phil Harrison, Sony's president of worldwide studios, is scheduled to deliver a GDC keynote address titled "PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box" on Wednesday, March 22.

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