Sony To Announce PS5 Game Lineup "Soon"

During a corporate strategy meeting, Sony said that it will be introducing its lineup of PS5 games sometime soon.


The next generation is fast approaching, but so far we haven't seen many games for either of the new platforms. That could change soon, as Sony said in a recent investor meeting that it's preparing to show off its PlayStation 5 lineup.

In a Sony corporate strategy meeting, the company said it plans to "introduce a compelling lineup of titles soon" for the new platform. That phrasing is vague enough that it could be any time, but considering the console is still targeting a fall launch, we expect to see more details sometime over the summer.

Ordinarily, such a reveal would be planned for an event like E3, but Sony bowed out of the annual event even before it was canceled due to coronavirus. That has left a lot of the usual publisher events up to their own schedule, and the pandemic has reportedly scrambled some of Sony's PR plans.

Elsewhere in the strategy meeting, Sony noted that game demand is up due to the lockdown, and it touted that PlayStation Plus subscriptions have now topped 41.5 million.

We've gotten a glimpse of next-generation games thanks to an Inside Xbox presentation focused on third-party games for Xbox Series X, many of which are coming to PS5 as well. But that event was short on the promise of actual gameplay, leading to disappointment from fans and mea culpas from organizers. Shortly after, Epic debuted a live demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5 hardware, giving us some idea of what might be possible on next-gen platforms.

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