Sony Teases CES Briefing, Says "The Future Is Coming" [Update: PS5 Logo Revealed]

It might be too soon for any PS5 news.

The first big technology news event of 2020, CES, kicks off this week in Las Vegas. Among the attendees to the Consumer Electronics Show is tech giant Sony, which has now teased some of what to expect from its briefing at the annual tradeshow--but there is no reason to expect any PlayStation 5 news. [Update: As expected, PS5 was briefly discussed, but no new details were shared. Instead, Sony revealed PS5's logo and shared some new PS4 sales figures, as well as an update on how many PS Plus subscribers currently has. PS5 was also referenced during AMD's event, but that too brought no news. The same can also be said for Xbox Series X; it briefly looked as if we had seen the back of the system, but AMD later admitted it was not a real image of the Series X.]

Sony's CES 2020 landing page teases, "The future is coming." The teaser goes on to offer some idea of what to expect from Sony's briefing, albeit at a very high and ambiguous level. "At CES 2020 Sony is unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology together like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotions," reads the message.

One element of Sony's "future" is the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to launch this year. There is no word as of yet if Sony will share any PS5 details during its CES briefing, however.

Sony is a gigantic company, and gaming--while important to the business--is only one component of the overall organization. Historically, Sony tends to hold dedicated events for PlayStation announcements.

The PlayStation 4, for example, was officially announced and detailed for the first time during an event in New York City back in February 2013, which was one month after CES 2013.

Sony will most likely mention the PlayStation brand during its CES 2020 briefing given its size and importance to the company's bottom line, but those hoping for new PS5 details may want to temper their excitement.

Sony has officially confirmed the PlayStation 5, and the company has also shared some initial details around faster loading times and the guts of the console. However, Sony has yet to formally announce or show off the system.

Microsoft, meanwhile, already announced its own next-generation console, Xbox Series X, and showed the first images of the system and its new controller. This console is also slated to go on sale in Holiday 2020 alongside the PlayStation 5.

Sony's press conference at CES takes place on January 6 beginning at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. That works out to 1 AM in London and 12 PM in Sydney on January 7. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on Sony's briefing and other news from the Las Vegas show in the days ahead.

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