Sony taking PSP download to the streets

Later this month, Japanese gamers will be able to wirelessly download free PSP demos from touring PlayStation Spot car.


TOKYO--In Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a special promotion for its PSP download terminals later this month. Known as PlayStation Spots, the terminals let PSP owners wirelessly download free demos to their machines. From October 22 to October 28, the company will send a PlayStation Spot-branded car to several locations in the main districts of Tokyo and Osaka.

Gamers who bring their PSPs near the vehicle will be able to download demos of seven different games: Metal Gear Acid 2, Baito Hell 2000, Piposaru Academia 2, Loco Roco, Portable Resort, Rengoku 2, and Rockman Rockman. SCE will also set up PlayStation Spot terminals at Tokyo's Shinjuku train station, Osaka's Abeno station, and Nagoya's Nagoya station.

While the immobile PlayStation Spots will be more convenient, they will offer only three games (Baito Hell 2000, Loco Roco, and Portable Resort), giving incentive for gamers to chase after the PlayStation Spot car. Fortunately for gamers living in Tokyo and Osaka, the PlayStation Spot car will be traveling around under a designated schedule that's available at SCE's official Web site.

SCE's promotion for the PlayStation Spot is part of an ongoing effort to increase awareness of its download terminals, which are scheduled to become available at retailers in the future.

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