Sony taking PS4 on the road for its "Road To Greatness" tour

Play unreleased games as part of nationwide tour that kicks off today and hits destinations like the Rock on the Range and Summerfest.

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Sony is taking the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on the road for a new nationwide tour that it is calling "Road To Greatness."

The multi-city event kicks off today at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California, and makes stops at other music events like Rock on the Range (May 16-18) and Summerfest (June 25-July 6) , as well as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series May 9-10 in Kansas City.

The full schedule is below, and more events will be added in the future, Sony says. Right now, there are only two events scheduled for locations east of the Mississippi River: the Beale Street Music Festival (Memphis, TN) and Rock on the Range (Columbus, OH).

As part of the Road To Greatness tour, you'll get to go hands-on with "dozens" of new and unreleased PS4 and PS Vita games (none were named) and also compete in tournaments to win special PlayStation prizes.

Sony's Road To Greatness tour comes after Microsoft already held a far more extensive worldwide tour leading up to the launch of the Xbox One in November. Microsoft's tour hit dozens of cities in the United States as well as many international destinations.

Stagecoach Music FestivalApril 25-27Indio, CA
Beale Street Music FestivalMay 2-4Memphis, TN
NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesMay 9-10Kansas City, KS
Rock on the RangeMay 16-18Columbus, OH
RocklahomaMay 23-25Tulsa, OK
Free Press Summer FestivalMay 31-June 1Houston, TX
Country JamJune 19-22Grand Junction, CO
SummerfestJune 25-July 6Milwaukee, WI
MLB FanFestJuly 11-15Minneapolis, MS

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What is the PS4, a fucking band?

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Xbone: Take it easy, please.

Sony: F%$# that.

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Just remember folks.

1. PS4 is slightly more potent than the Xbox One.

2. The best PC built in console's price range that beats them cost $528 that beat soundly all Xbox One games and MOST PS4 games.

3. Without the Kinect, the Xbox would pretty much equal the cost of a PS4.

That said? NO PC is as cost efficient (bang for the buck) than these consoles. They are not weaker than the PC but more powerful. Those consoles can give you more for less.

PC gamers waste effort and money to feel good about themselves.

Console gamers just sit back, save money and play reliable systems for a helluva lot cheaper knowing full well that their consoles are tech far superior to that of a PC.

All hail the mighty common sense that is the console.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> so what with PS+ on the PS3 for only 50$ a year you got like 50 very highly rated and pretty new AAA an AA games a year so that is by far worth it by far superior to anything on the PC or other consoles and games on the consoles make far to many compromises how the **** would you know? you don't even play on a PS4 or any next gen console for that matter and games are not more expensive like i said PS plus and also PSn have had sales that have rivaled or even been better then steam sales earlier this year i got games from a PSN sale for cheaper then they were on steam sales and also when buying retail games consoles get much more and much better sales pc games being cheaper is something PC elitists that are ignorant like to say because they have no clue and also no on the PS4 besides online game play you can do everything else without a fee also so many devs have said if developers want to they can have games on a console run as good as they would on a PC with much better specs because consoles can be optimized much more then PC and have multiple other advantages but yes you definitely know more then the people who actually make the games obvious sarcasm is obvious you are an elitist in denial that consoles will soon have games running as good as they do on a PC that is more powerful then them its already starting to happen ff14 runs in max settings and 1080p on the and still keeps the same frame rate as a high end PC running it in max settings and 1080p this has even been admitted by the people who made ff14 and consoles always have and always ill have much better exclusives PC will never have games as good as uncharted 2 or god of war 3 or the last of us or red dead redemption or nino kuni etc **** PC online communities are shit on PC go fap to your gabe newell posters

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yep, and it takes a PC will far higher specs than a console to achieve the same graphics quality as that console.

The PC version of Watch Dogs will look better than the PS4 version, but only on an $800+ PC.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Which doesn't disprove my point, Watch Dogs' PC system requirements are extremely demanding. It'll take an $800 or $900 PC to exceed the PS4 version's graphics quality.

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MLB, DriveClub and The Order are my guess..

So wish this was coming to other parts of the world though :(

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I heard the next gen consoles are like 5-6 times more underpowered than modern gaming pc's and you need a subscription fee in order to most games completely. It might be better to sell my PS3 and invest in a gaming pc.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well already proven No pc can match PS4's power and price point. Closest is 528 dollars and it still couldn't beat all of their games. Like Xbox One; with the PS4 you just simply get more bang for the buck that not even the mighty PC can do without more money invested.

So outdated? behind the times? More like efficient, powerful piece of tech PCs simply can't match.

PC masters are slave to the dollar. All hail the common sense that is PS4.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> yes 1 game used a "graphical trick" and it was only in multiplayer its funny because kill zone shadow fall single player is visually better then crysis 3 running in 1080p and max settings on a high end gaming PC

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Pretending that every gaming PC in existence is capable of running games in 4k?

I missed the part where everyone owns a 4k monitor, let alone a PC powerful enough to run new games at 4k.

That's called trolling.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't sell the PS3, though, unless you are truly done with it - it's not worth that much money on resale but has a lot of value for netflix, blu-ray, and of course any games you still haven't played

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<< LINK REMOVED >> This is correct. They are both severely underpowered for this generation.

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Mostly midwest states. What ""dozens" of new and unreleased PS4 and PS Vita games" are they talking about? There's only about 3-4 exclusive games schedule to come out before the end of the year for the PS4. Maybe they are talking about 3rd party games like Dragon Age, Evolve & Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No one said they were exclusives, so there are plenty of games to choose from.

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Very good. You deduced that the majority of games are multiplats. Superior multiplats, I may add.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Not superior to PC versions.

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@blackace @eternal_napalm we get it u have a gaming pc as do i but the world dosent revolve around you. there are many 3 world countries with ppl who cant or dont know how to build a pc so they have consoles stop thinking ure the kool kid on the block n yes i spell horrible so what

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I hope fanboy fights break out.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i'm going to just show up wearing all xbox gear. and when its my turn to play I wont even move the character, or press a button. just stand there.

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It's hilarious to learn there's an actual event called Summerfest, not to be confused with WWE's Summerslam.

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WWE Summerslam always starts in August and Summerfest is in July so no confusion there.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's a reference to an incident back when WWE Raw had a guest host each week and one of them messed up and called the PPV "Summerfest", which then became a running joke.

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yes, this is really necessary, I mean poor Sony has been struggling to sell it's newest console. It really needs this "tour" to increase buzz and take the systems to the people who just aren't picking up the consoles at an acceptable pace.........


funny how Microsoft just releases misleading sales data and makes promises and hypes non-existant and potential future features.

and Sony takes it's console to the people, so they can actually see it for themselves and make their own assessment.

I really think this is the primary difference between the two companies. One is telling you its great, and implores you just trust them.

the other shows you the console, and gives you the features and tells you to make up your own mind.

I cant' imagine why one has been at the top of the industry for the last 20 years, and the other is always in the role of "plucky challenger"

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Microsoft did their tour with the XB1 before Sony did. They actually did it before the system launched. That's probably one of the reasons the system sold so well at launch.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I fondly remember first playing a PS2 at Rockfest in Chicago the summer after its release. Dynasty Warriors and Ready 2 Rumble boxing were there. Getting hands on that first time really does leave an impression.

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Is that what Eddie looks like?

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smart of sony to strike while the iron is hot

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So even sony admits that everyone is stuck waiting for greatness.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I would like to know what the unreleased games they will be showing besides Drive Club, The Order, Deep Down and a couple others. They must be showing 3rd party games as well.

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Pretty much this but I don't expect anything coming out from Sony exclusive games anytime soon since they take a long time to come out.

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Hoping Sony brings this tour of theirs to the east coast. like New York city at least.

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