Sony still most valued brand in Asia

Recent survey states PlayStation creator still revered in region despite April outage.


Sony has been knee-deep in problems this year, in part due to the recent PlayStation Network outage in April. But despite the company's $3.2 billion loss over the last fiscal year and over 100 million PlayStation user accounts compromised, the company is still ranked as the most valued brand in Asia.

Japan's PSN service is now fully up and running.
Japan's PSN service is now fully up and running.

According to the recent Campaign 2011 Top 1000 Asia-Pacific Brands survey done by global market research firm TNS (reported on Wall Street Journal), the Asian market puts great value in the Japanese brand. This has helped Sony keep the top spot on the survey despite the presence of luxury brand items and Asia's growing appetite for them.

According to Thomas Isaac, commercial director at TNS, "luxury brands, by definition, are not mass market products. In most Asian countries, the man on the street has not heard of Louis Vuitton, but he has heard of Sony." Sony shares the high-ranking spotlight with other electronics-related companies like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and Canon.

The company's portable gaming system, the PSP, has been enjoying high sales numbers (specifically 29,168 units) on Media Creates' weekly charts in Japan. The PlayStation 3 was also high on the charts, with 16,993 units sold since last week.

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