Sony signs exclusivity deal with Reality Fighters dev

Novarama agrees to bring more augmented-reality titles to publisher's platforms; Invizimals The Lost Tribes hitting Europe in November.


Invizimals: Shadow Zone
Reality Fighters

Novarama Technology has largely made its bones by developing games for Sony's platforms, having brought the augmented-reality title Invizimals to market for the PSP last year. With the Barcelona-based studio now crafting Reality Fighters for the PlayStation Vita, Novarama has signed a deal with Sony to work exclusively on the electronics giant's platforms.

Reality Fighters lets tiny little people battle it out anywhere, anytime.
Reality Fighters lets tiny little people battle it out anywhere, anytime.

As part of the deal, Reality Fighters will remain exclusive to the PS Vita. The game's core mechanic revolves around augmented-reality gaming, making use of the PS Vita's built-in camera. The title is expected to launch alongside the PS Vita, which Sony has said will enter the market later this year.

Beyond Reality Fighters, Novarama said that it has begun working on additional augmented-reality games for Sony's platforms as part of the deal. Additional details on these future titles were not disclosed.

However, Sony Europe did have an update on Novarama's Invizimals The Lost Tribes, saying through its blog that the family-friendly title will arrive in Europe this November. A North American release date has not yet been revealed.

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