Sony shuffles senior execs

With the PS3 launch behind the company, Ken Kutaragi, Kaz Hirai, Jack Tretton, Akira Sato, and David Reeves are all moving into new roles.


Sony's gaming operation is shaking things up at the top. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that its president and group CEO, Ken Kutaragi, will move into the position of chairman and group CEO of the company, effective December 1. The shift in Kutaragi's role with the company has set off a chain reaction of promotions and reassignments throughout Sony Computer Entertainment's operations worldwide.

Heading to Japan to replace Kutaragi as president of SCEI--and also taking the role of COO for the company--is Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Kaz Hirai. SCEA executive vice president and co-COO Jack Tretton will assume both of Hirai's former positions at SCEA.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will also be affected, as the company's president and co-COO David Reeves is also headed to parent company SCEI to serve as deputy president. However, current SCEI deputy president and group CFO Masaru Kato will retain his roles with the company. Finally, SCEI board member Akira Sato completes the reshuffle, moving into the role of vice chairman.

Sony has been the subject of much criticism for the handling of the PlayStation 3 launch. On top of delays and hardware shortages, Newsweek recently reported that Kutaragi's "slowness" in sealing third-party software deals cost Sony some high-profile exclusives, specifically Assassin's Creed and Grand Theft Auto IV.

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