Sony settles PS2 class action suit

Ruling on infamous "disc read error" issue could give qualifying PS2 owners $25, a free game, free repairs, or a replacement system.


PlayStation 2 owners whose systems have given them inappropriate "Disc Read Error" messages are eligible to reap the benefits of a settlement in a class action lawsuit they might never have heard of.

Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony of Canada, and Toys R Us of Canada have settled a class action lawsuit over the systems, pending the approval of US and Canadian courts. If those courts approve the settlement, gamers who have recently purchased, repaired, or lost the use of an affected PS2 are eligible to receive a check for $25 ($31 Canadian), a free PS2 game from a specified list, or a free or reduced cost repair or replacement (at SCEA's discretion) of an affected system.

A Sony rep confirmed the settlement for GameSpot but insisted it is in no way an admission of guilt. "While we are convinced that there is no problem with these models, and that we would win if we defended this case through trial, we have agreed to settle these lawsuits to avoid the extraordinary high cost of cumbersome class action litigation," the representative said.

It should be noted that this settlement doesn't mean a free $25 for everyone who ever got a "Disc Read Error" message from his or her PS2. All claims must be accompanied by proof of the purchase and/or repairs. Claims must be made over the settlement Web site or mailed and postmarked by February 16, 2006.

It will be a while before anybody sees the benefits of the suit. First the settlement needs the approval of the courts, and those hearings in the US and Canada have been tentatively scheduled for April 28, 2006, and May 11, 2006, respectively.

For more details on who qualifies for the benefits and how to claim them, check out the settlement Web site.

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I do have a problem with this game. It plays fine on my system, but for some reason it can't read the memory cards, so I can't save my game. I bought a second copy thinking it was just a defective disc, but I get the same problem. Anybody else have that problem?

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this game got to annoying so i quit. What happened to the lost frontier tht was sopposed to be comming?

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Yeah I remember calling a sony rep out on this over the phone before the settlement. He acted like I was crazy or something. I can't believe how arrogant they sound. it is good to know they have not changed in that regard. Hopefully my Ps3 doesn't crap out on me like the 4 or 5 ps2's I've owned.

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yeah my ps2 hasn't worked right in a year this is bull it will play nothing! it happened and than i just got god of war like a year after it came out it didn't work the error message i wanted to cry i have the 39001 model (the big one for those of you who don't know) it will only play one game spiderman the movie the first game dumb... so i have problems huh? when do i get my free repairs? well i kinda took it apart does that mean it don't matter? -_-

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lmfao at sulsob...yeah they fail all the time.

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yo, nothing is blowing up on the how much you know

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my oh my god of war 2 looks awesome in the trailers tis a shame sony can't format a disc for their own damn system

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Screw Xbox hell look at that huge fricken transformer problem with those babies blowin up on the 360. Least PS2 is harmless...

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I've had my PS2 a year after they officially came out, not sure which model, i just remember mostly, that each model has a different amount of screws, or something you can just read off My PS2 is fine, never had any troubles with it, not one second, only issues are with controllers, they break on the moment i need them the most :\ and very rarely, i see the PS2 can maybe read little scratches on cd's as if it were huge, i pretty much polished a cd, saw only a slight sliver of a scratch, barey noticable, but it kept crashing everytime i went by that part in the game, other then that, perfect, i just need mint or to not be reckless with my Cd's

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"Long live the XBOX!!" Yeah, too bad it failed.

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Wheres my game???!!!

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Bah! Who keeps their receipt for a two and 1/2 yr old system? My PS2 won't play any old PS1 games because of 'Disc Read Error,' and will play very few DVD's. The stipulations of this settlement are very unfair to those of us who purchased the PS2 during or soon after launch. Long live the XBOX!!