Sony says PS4 preorders are "breathtakingly high"

United Kingdom managing director Fergal Gara says "we do not have a preorder problem," as pre-sales exceed 1 million units.


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PlayStation 4 preorder figures are "breathtakingly high," according to Sony's United Kingdom managing director, Fergal Gara.

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"We are not seeking to accelerate our preorders any further, to be honest. [PS4 preorders] are breathtakingly high as they are right now," Gara told GameSpot at Gamescom this week. "We do not have a preorder problem."

Gara added that Sony will remain focused on creating value for PS4 owners, noting that "there's lots we can do around launch to make gamers feel looked after in a PS4 world." Gara did not go into specifics regarding these plans.

Check out GameSpot's full interview with Gara for more.

Sony announced during its Gamescom presentation on Tuesday that preorders for the PS4 have exceeded 1 million units worldwide. Competitor Microsoft has not disclosed preorder figures for its next-generation console, the Xbox One.

Sony recently nailed down a November 15 release date for the PS4 in North America, while Microsoft has committed to releasing the Xbox One sometime in November. The PS4 will sell for $400, while the Xbox One will debut at $500.

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